Nuart Aberdeen 2024 Map: Your Essential Tool for Exploring This Year's Murals

Your essential tool for exploring the city's evolving canvas of street art.

Nuart Aberdeen 2024 Map: Your Essential Tool for Exploring This Year's Murals

Nuart Aberdeen has just released an updated map for their 2024 festival, and it's an essential tool for anyone eager to explore the city's evolving canvas of street art. As artists from around the world, including Europe, the UK, and the Middle East, paint their way across Aberdeen, this map guides you to the newest and most talked-about murals.

This year's festival welcomes back Hera from the artist duo Herakut, known for her mesmerising mural on the Aberdeen Market building, which continues to be a festival highlight. You can see their work towering over the harbour at Union Point.

The Nuart Aberdeen 2024 Map

The festival lineup features 11 world-class artists, each bringing their distinct style to Aberdeen's walls. From Millo's friendly figures at Aberdeen Community Care Village to Case Maclaim's detailed photorealistic piece on Shiprow, the city is set for an artistic makeover that promises to dazzle locals and visitors alike.

One of the most spectacular murals this year is Niels Shoe Meulman’s massive text-based work on Wapping Street.

The excitement doesn't stop with murals; Nuart Aberdeen also offers a rich program of fringe events, workshops, exhibitions, and walking tours, all culminating in an Urban Art Conference. These activities are designed to engage a diverse audience, ensuring that everyone from art enthusiasts to families can find something to enjoy.

Nuart Aberdeen enhances the city’s cultural reputation. It supports local talent. Aberdeen artist KMG is featured again this year. You’ll find their murals at Aberdeen International Airport. Nuart has always been committed to nurturing local artists and integrating them into an international platform.

Whether you're a longtime art lover or new to the street art scene, Nuart Aberdeen's blend of global talent and community involvement makes it a must-visit event. It always enriches Aberdeen’s cultural landscape.

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