Hera returns to Nuart Aberdeen as 2024 Artists Announced

Who are the 11 amazing artists that will be transforming walls for Nuart Aberdeen 2024? We've got the latest.

Hera returns to Nuart Aberdeen as 2024 Artists Announced

We’re buzzing with excitement at POST HQ today with the announcement of artists that will be featured at the 2024 return of the Nuart Aberdeen Festival. They’ll be visiting the city in the run up to the festival scheduled from June 6th to 9th, basing their work on the theme ‘Living Heritage.’

This year’s festival boasts a lineup of 11 world-class artists from Europe, the UK, and the Middle East, each ready to transform the city’s walls with their unique artistic visions.

We are especially looking forward to the return of Hera, one half of the renowned artist duo Herakut. Hera is celebrated for her previous work, including the iconic mural on the Aberdeen Market building, a beloved symbol from past festivals. Her participation this year adds a little touch of nostalgia to the lineup.

Each year, the festival attracts thousands of visitors, boosting local tourism and enhancing Aberdeen’s reputation on the global cultural map. The diverse range of artists, including Millo with his giant friendly figures and Case Maclaim with his photorealistic artworks, promises to elevate Aberdeen’s visual landscape.

In addition to the stunning street art, the festival offers a variety of activities that cater to a wide audience. These include fringe events, exhibitions, workshops, walking tours, and even an Urban Art Conference. Such a broad program ensures that Nuart Aberdeen offers something for everyone, from art aficionados to casual visitors.

Local talent is also on show at this year’s event festival, with Aberdeen’s own KMG taking part once again. KMG’s involvement underscores Nuart’s commitment to fostering local artists, providing them a platform alongside international stars.

Nuart Aberdeen 2024 will be a dynamic celebration of street art, community, and heritage. With its exciting lineup, the festival is set to leave a lasting impact on the city and its people, ensuring that Aberdeen continues to be a key destination for art lovers around the world.

The Artists

Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope (Israel) | @thisislimbo

Addam Yekutieli is a self-taught artist from Tel Aviv. He creates mixed media art, installations, and public interventions focusing on text and its interaction with environments.

Yekutieli’s projects involve people globally, blending personal stories with broader social and political themes. His work invites viewers to consider personal and collective experiences, fostering discussions among diverse groups to explore and reimagine societal realities.

Bahia Shehab (Egypt) | @bahiashehab

Bahia Shehab is a Cairo-based artist, designer, and historian who blends calligraphy with Islamic art to create impactful street art. As a professor and founder of the graphic design program at The American University in Cairo, she developed courses focused on Arab visual culture.

Shehab’s work, which has been showcased in over 26 cities worldwide, explores themes of identity and cultural preservation, addressing Arab politics, feminism, and social issues. Her street art, featured in the documentary “Nefertiti’s Daughters,” gained international attention during the Arab Spring.

Case Maclaim (Germany) | @case_maclaim

Case Maclaim, AKA Andreas von Chrzanowski, is a pioneer of photorealism who has been using spray paint for over two decades. His art, recognised for its depiction of hands, captures the essence of movement and power. As a founding member of the Ma’Claim Crew, Case has brought his art to over 20 countries, leaving his mark worldwide.

His work often combines physical and political movements, inviting viewers to interpret his pieces based on their own experiences. Through his unique use of hands in his art, Case communicates universal messages of unity and strength.

CBloxx (England) | @cbloxx_nomad

Cbloxx, also known as Jay Gilleard, is an English muralist and painter renowned for co-founding the street art duo Nomad Clan, which painted the UK’s tallest mural. After eight years of global tours with Nomad, Cbloxx returned to solo work in 2020, based between the Yorkshire Pennines and Los Angeles.

Cbloxx tackles social justice issues like climate change and mental health with a surreal touch, using aerosol to create detailed, realistic portraits that express triumph and resilience. Their art, rich in detail and emotion, bridges communities and environments, resonating across cultures.

Hera (Germany) | @hera_herakut

Jasmin Siddiqui, known as Hera, is a German-born artist famous for her urban contemporary and graffiti art. She blends traditional techniques with spray painting to create emotive artworks featuring mythological creatures and satirical scenes. Since 2001, Hera has been painting large-scale murals worldwide, with significant works in cities like São Paulo, Miami, and Berlin.

Beyond her mural work, Hera actively uses her art for humanitarian causes, collaborating with organisations like UNICEF and Streetart for Mankind to promote social change through street art. Her efforts include art programs and workshops for children and underprivileged youth.

KMG (Scotland) | @kmgyeah

Aberdeen’s KMG is known for her playful street art over the last decade. Her recent projects delve into mythology, community, and local history, using characters to connect and start conversations with viewers.

KMG believes strongly in the power of art to bring people together and makes her work accessible by collaborating with community groups, healthcare, and educational institutions. Her art invites reflection on how our environments connect to our heritage and cultural identity today.

Mahn Kloix (France) | @mahnkloix

Mahn Kloix is an artist with a deep commitment to activism through his art. Raised in a family of activists, he chose to express his dedication not through politics, but through creating impactful art.

His work often features messages of support and tribute to whistleblowers, activists, victims of oppression, refugees, and environmental causes. These messages are prominently displayed in public spaces to reach a broad audience. His experiences include capturing the essence of protests, such as those in Istanbul and the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, transforming these moments into public street art that celebrates the spirit of resistance and change.

Millo (Italy) | @_millo_

Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, better known as Millo, is famous for his large-scale murals depicting friendly figures in urban landscapes. Using minimalist black and white lines with occasional colour highlights, his work often blends seamlessly with architectural elements.

Over the last ten years, Millo has created mural art worldwide, participating in major street art festivals, NGO events, and international social initiatives. His distinctive style and global reach have made him a prominent figure in the street art community.

Molly Hankinson (Scotland) | @mollyhankinson.studio

Molly Hankinson, originally from London and now based in Glasgow, is a visual artist known for her bold and authentic portrayals of people and communities through an intersectional feminist perspective. A 2018 graduate of The Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking, she continued her work at SWG3 Studios where she is permanently based.

Molly’s art features people comfortable in their own spaces, using bright colours and continuous lines to challenge societal norms about gender expression. Her work spans murals, paintings, printmaking, and both hand-drawn and digital illustrations, celebrating diversity and shared human experiences.

Niels Shoe Meulman (Netherlands) | @nielsshoemeulman

Niels Shoe Meulman, a visual artist from Amsterdam, is celebrated for merging graffiti and calligraphy into a style known as Calligraffiti. He boldly claims, “a word is an image and writing is painting.”

In the 1980s, Shoe was part of the graffiti scene alongside New York icons like Dondi White and Keith Haring. His work blends influences from abstract expressionism and pop art, bringing a streetwise edge to galleries and museums. Shoe experiments with traditional paint-on-canvas, installations, and poetry, continually advancing the urban contemporary art movement.

Wasted Rita (Portugal) | @wastedrita

Portuguese artist Wasted Rita uses a variety of media, including sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, and writing, to express her complex feelings about life and society. Known as a “natural born agent provocateur,” her work often critiques contemporary culture and human behaviour through sharp observations and poetic criticism.

Raised in a Catholic school with a background in punk music, her unique perspective is evident in her art. Rita’s insightful and often provocative reflections have gained international attention, leading to exhibitions and art commissions worldwide.