Aberdeen New Music

All the latest musical releases from Aberdeen bands, singers and producers. Wrap your ears round this.

Aberdeen New Music
Photo by Harry Swales / Unsplash

Just like you, we’re all about the tunes! Our Aberdeen New Music page is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the freshest tracks from bands, singers, and producers right here in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland.

It’s the perfect place to discover your next favourite song or artist, with a mix of genres that reflects the rich musical tapestry of our region. The previews are for Spotify, but click the links to find the releases on your favourite streaming platform 🎧

There's a link at the bottom of the page if you'd like us to add your release to this page.


Out Now | Rabspitz - Loose Canon

Out Now | Cold Years - A Different Life

Out Now | Emma Forman - Medal

Medal, by Emma Forman
16 track album


Out Now | Calum Bowie - All About Me

Out Now | Pitnamoon - The Good Ones

Out Now | Nicky Aiken - When It's Time

Out Now | Between the Lines - The Waves of a Heartbreak

Out Now | The Sun Day - Spacial Awareness

Out Now | Kathryn Joseph - For You Who Are The Wronged
(Lomond Campbell Remixes)


Out 12 Jul | Copper Lungs - Falling

Out Now | Amy Papiransky - Pencil Me In

Out Now | Jackill - Money

Out Now | The Gaslight Project - Stuck In A Situation

Out Now | Iona Fyfe - Love Story (Scots Version)

Out Now | Mark Buchan - Up All Night

Out Now | The Capollos - Where Else Would I Rather Be?

Out Now | Dylan McPhee and Keirah Kirkton - Lovin

Out Now | The Gaslight Project - A Moment in Solitude

Out Now | Aiitee - Diamond in the Rough

Out Now | Monza Express - Two Jokers

Out Now | Moody Moody - Feels Like This

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