What YOU can do to help save the Belmont Cinema

We’ve put together some ideas of things you can take part in to help save the Belmont Cinema.

What YOU can do to help save the Belmont Cinema

The closure of the Belmont Cinema was a major loss for Aberdeen’s cultural scene. The city’s only independent cinema was a beloved institution and a hub for film lovers.

News of the closure sparked outrage and sadness among the community. Many people took to social media to express their disappointment and memories of the cinema. They described it as a special place, with a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

A cultural hub for film lovers

Since opening its doors in 2010, the Belmont Cinema established itself as a cultural hub for film lovers, offering a wide range of films from all around the world, including independent productions, foreign-language films, and classic movies.

One of the things that set The Belmont apart from other cinemas was its commitment to showcasing a diverse range of films. The cinema regularly hosted special events and film festivals which celebrated the best of Scottish and international cinema.

The Belmont Cinema was an essential destination

Overall, the Belmont Cinema was an essential destination for anyone who loves film and culture. Whether you were a film buff looking to discover the latest independent productions, or simply wanted to relax and enjoy a classic movie in beautiful surroundings, The Belmont had something for everyone.

The reasons for the closure were not immediately clear, but it is thought that the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic played a role. The cinema had been closed for several months due to lockdown measures, and it is possible that it was unable to recover financially.

A vital role in fostering a sense of community

The loss of the Belmont Cinema is a blow not just to film lovers, but to the city as a whole. Independent cinemas like The Belmont play a vital role in fostering a sense of community. They provide a platform for underrepresented voices and alternative perspectives.

The closure of the Belmont serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting independent cultural institutions. They play a hugely vital role in our communities.

How can YOU help save the Belmont Cinema?

There have been calls for the cinema to be saved. A petition has been launched and a crowdfunding campaign set up to try and raise funds to keep it open. It remains to be seen whether these efforts will be successful. However, you can play your part in efforts to save the Belmont Cinema.

We’ve put together some ideas of things you can take part in to help save the Belmont Cinema.

  1. Join the “Save the Belmont Cinema” group on Facebook. Fellow fans of the cinema regularly share news about how the campaign is progressing as well as treasured memories of the venue. You can also follow the campaign on Twitter and check out the campaign website.
  2. Attend events organised by the campaign including film screenings. This helps raise awareness and keeps the spirit of the Belmont Cinema alive and well.
  3. Reach out to your local councillor or MSP to advocate for the Belmont Cinema and its importance to the community. This could involve writing letters and emails or contacting them on social media. Be passionate…but be polite. They Work for You is a great place to find your elected representative.
  4. Volunteer your time to help the campaign directly. This can be done by reaching out on social media and explaining what skills you may have to share. The campaign is in its early stages at the time of writing, so they may not need you immediately, but your help will be appreciated.
  5. Share your memories of the cinema online, using the hashtag #SaveBelmont. This will help keep the benefits of The Belmont fresh in your community’s heads. Also, like, comment and share when you see others posting their memories.