Welcome to the Refreshed and Revitalised Home of POST

Our revamped website is built to celebrate and support Aberdeen’s vibrant cultural scene.

Welcome to the Refreshed and Revitalised Home of POST
The new POST website

Today, we are excited to show you the new home of POST! After five years of sharing stories and highlighting local creative talent, we've designed a fresh destination for all the content you love. Our aim is unchanged - champion local creative and maker communities and keep you connected to the city's heartbeat.

We hope it will become a page you visit regularly. Why not add it to your shortcuts now? Go on. It only takes a second.

Last month, we sat down with a lot of coffee and set about simplifying your POST experience. I hope you agree we (mostly Kevin) did a cracking job! Gone are the days of navigating multiple sites for our home pages and newsletters. We've selected Ghost as our platform, combining the blog and newsletter in one user-friendly location. This move from platforms like Substack, which no longer suited our needs, and the maintenance-heavy WordPress, lets us provide a smoother, more integrated experience for you.

Our events landing page is now here, you can find the latest Aberdeen culture news here, and finally, you can subscribe to the newly renamed POST Aberdeen newsletter here. If you are already a subscriber, your subscription should have moved across here.

As POST has grown, our running costs have naturally increased. To help us meet these costs, we have introduced subscription options. This will allow you to support us regularly. To help us continue to deliver cultural stories and insights.

We can't stress this bit enough - all our content will remain free to access, preserving the inclusivity that POST stands for. The paid subscription is completely optional.

In addition to subscriptions, we're excited to roll out affordable advertising and sponsorship packages tailored for local creative enterprises, organisations, and events. More details on this will be shared shortly.

Remember that you are part of POST. We're here to share from within all our communities. We do this by creating original content and also giving you a platform to engage and tell your stories. Whether you have something to share or are a content creator, we're here to share your stories from within our communities.

We're keen to hear your thoughts on the new POST - we mean it. Feel free to email us or reach out through our social media channels. There is more to come in the upcoming months, and we're excited to grow and evolve together.

Let's celebrate and uplift the creative spirit of Aberdeen, right here at POST's new home!