Watch: Aberdeen goes wild for Grampian Pride parade

Watch: Aberdeen goes wild for Grampian Pride parade

Aberdeen has proudly celebrated Grampian Pride’s 2021 Winter Parade. Grant Martin was there to share the wonderful spectrum of love in the city centre! Organisers held the 2020 and 2021 festivals online. Grampian Pride wanted to take advantage of the city opening up. They devised the Winter Parade instead of waiting until next year to get people together.

The parade was a huge success thanks to the glorious crowds bringing a splash of colour to the city centre. The sound of drums, whistles and cheers were followed by balloons, rainbow flags, wild outfits and startling make-up.

It’s been two long years since the last Grampian Pride parade in Aberdeen. Grampian Pride aims to bring the people of Aberdeen together. It’s also a chance to celebrate and provide a safe space for al LGBT+ people and straight allies. Four Pillars and other partners have organised Grampian Pride. As a local charity, their mission is to provide mental, physical, emotional and sexual health support to the LGBT+ communities.

Presenter: Grant Martin
Editor: Grant Martin
Titles: Kevin Mitchell

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