Unlock a New Audience for Your Creative Projects

Our guide simplifies sending out press releases for cultural organisations and finding a new audience.

Unlock a New Audience for Your Creative Projects

Hey there, creative minds! We know you're always busy dreaming up new music, crafting stunning artwork, and organising cool cultural events. Your creativity fuels the cultural heartbeat of our communities, and your unique projects deserve to be celebrated. Normally, we focus on covering those amazing events and releases, but today, we’re sharing something different but equally valuable to you – a guide to writing press releases.

Now bear with us. You’ve got incredible stories to tell and exceptional talents to share, from the inspiration behind your latest song to the painstaking process of creating a masterpiece. But how do you make sure the world hears about your latest project or event? That’s where a well-crafted press release comes in. It might seem a bit old school, but trust us, it’s incredibly effective at getting the word out and ensuring your creative voice is heard far and wide.

A press release is like your secret weapon in the battle for publicity. Think of it as a powerful tool to spotlight your hard work and creativity. Whether you're dropping a new album, unveiling an art exhibition, or hosting a community event, a well-crafted press release can grab the attention of journalists, bloggers, and influencers. These people can amplify your message to a much wider audience. They can help your work get the recognition it deserves.

Telling a story that captivates and engages

Crafting a press release isn’t just about sharing news; it’s about telling a story that captivates and engages. Your creative journey, the passion you pour into your projects, and the impact you hope to make are all elements that can bring your press release to life. A compelling press release informs and inspires, drawing people into your world and making them eager to learn more about your work. You're inviting the world to experience your creative work in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Here’s the best part – sending a press release is pretty easy. Think of it as telling your story in a structured way. Start with a catchy headline, follow up with the main news in the opening paragraph, fill in the details in the body, and wrap it up with a brief about your business. Simple templates and examples are just a Google search away!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

When writing your press release, remember to include the essential "5 Ws": Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Many forget to add the "Why," which is crucial for bringing your story to life. Explain to the reader why this event or release matters, why people should care, and what makes it unique or impactful. This context can make your press release much more engaging and compelling.

Keep your press release concise and to the point. Ideally, it should be between 300 to 500 words. This length ensures you provide all the details without overwhelming the reader. Busy journalists appreciate a press release that is easy to read and gets straight to the point.

Giving journalists and influencers a ready-made story

Journalists and influencers are busy. They are constantly hunting for content to fill their pages and airtime. Your unique story could be exactly what they’re looking for. By sending them a press release, you're giving them a ready-made story. A well-written press release gives them all the information needed, saving them time on research and interviews. Press releases come across as official and trustworthy, making it easier for journalists to verify facts and craft their articles.

Including a quote can add a personal touch and extra depth to your press release. Keep the quote short and meaningful, ideally no longer than two or three sentences. A good quote from you, an artist, or an event organiser can highlight the significance of your news and make it more relatable. Avoid long quotes as they overwhelm the reader and detract from the main message.

Getting your story out through a press release can significantly boost your visibility. Your news reaches a whole new audience when picked up by the press. People tend to trust what they read in the press, and that trust can translate into more support and engagement for your projects.

You might think, “Why would anyone care about our news?” But the truth is, every story matters. Niche stories often stand out more because they bring fresh, unique perspectives that mainstream stories might miss. Your new music release, innovative art project, or community event can captivate audiences in ways you might not expect.

Photo by Soragrit Wongsa on Unsplash

Visuals grab attention

Including images, especially in landscape orientation, and any event posters with your press release can make a huge difference. Visuals grab attention and can convey the excitement and atmosphere of your event or project in ways words alone can’t. If a photographer took the image, check with them before using it. Also, make sure you credit them properly. This shows respect for their work and maintains good professional relationships.

When sending out your press release, format matters – The best approach is to include the press release in the body of the email. This makes it easy for journalists to read it immediately without opening an attachment. Additionally, you can attach a Word document for convenience, as it’s a format most people can open and edit if needed. Avoid sending PDFs, as they can be more cumbersome to extract text from. If you include any images, attach high-resolution versions and ensure they are clearly labelled.

Sending out press releases helps you build valuable relationships with journalists and influencers. Over time, as they become familiar with your brand, they might start reaching out to you for stories. These relationships can lead to more coverage and opportunities down the line.

After sending out your press release, follow up with journalists. A personal touch can make a big difference and increase the chances of your story getting picked up.

Press releases might seem daunting, but they’re a powerful tool for getting your story out there. By making journalists’ lives easier, you’re helping them AND giving your creative business, music career, or art project the spotlight it deserves.

So, why wait? Start crafting your story and share it with the world! If you have a new release or are hosting a cultural event here in Aberdeen, send your press release to hiya@postabdn.com