Spectra’s 10th Anniversary A Showcase of North East Artists

This 10th-anniversary edition runs from 8th to 11th February. It promises to be a memorable experience, blending art, technology, and community spirit.

Spectra’s 10th Anniversary A Showcase of North East Artists
Andrey Chugunov / Photo supplied by Spectra / Premier Scotland

We’re big fans of Spectra here at POST and 2024 is going to be an extra special year as Scotland’s Festival of Light celebrates a decade of illuminating Aberdeen. The festival is set to shine brighter than ever with a spectacular showcase. Northern Lights features ten local artists and their unique artworks.

Since its inception, Spectra has been a beacon of creativity in Aberdeen, bringing light and joy to the city to the heart of winter. This 10th-anniversary edition runs from 8th to 11th February. It promises to be a memorable experience, blending art, technology, and community spirit.

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Northern Lights: A New Chapter

Northern Lights, produced by Look Again and led by local artist Craig Barrowman, is a tribute to the North East’s artistic talent. The programme features ten innovative augmented reality artworks, each offering a unique, interactive experience throughout Aberdeen city centre.

These digital creations will show off a playful side to Spectra. You’ll be able to interact with talking trees to local wildlife, a mystical hag stone-inspired portal, and even a radiant rainbow bridge connecting artworks.

In a bright, minimalist corridor, artist Gianni sits cross-legged on the floor. She’s wearing a vivid, red and orange patterned outfit with black accents and casual sneakers. With long, wavy hair and glasses, she gazes thoughtfully to the side. The corridor, with its modern aesthetic, is marked with directional arrows on the floor.
Gianni / Photo supplied by Spectra / Premier Scotland

The inspiration behind these pieces ranges from local wildlife at the Don and Dee rivers to the historical voices of working women, Doric Street Art, and the industrial influence on the Aberdeenshire coastline.

Meet the Creators

The project boasts a diverse group of artists, including Kirsty Lawie from the graffiti-specialist Outlines Collective, 3D designer Kirsty Skea, multi-disciplinary artist Sean Wheelan, 3D animator Si Knox, sculptor Gianni Esporas, and several others who each bring their unique vision to Spectra.

A quirky portrait of artist Simon Knox, with an exaggerated motion blur effect creating multiple silhouettes of his profile. His expression is lively and playful and he’s making a fist. The background hints at an urban setting bathed in a warm, golden light, suggesting it could be late afternoon. He’s wearing a casual white tee and the photo exudes a sense of creative energy and movement.
Simon Knox / Photo supplied by Spectra / Premier Scotland

One of the highlights includes Sarah Buchan’s ‘Hagstone’, a creation by Craig Barrowman that exemplifies the innovative spirit of this year’s festival. The festival will blend tradition and cutting-edge technology, offering something for everyone.

Join the Celebration

This new local angle to Spectra is a celebration of local talent, community, and the transformative power of art. We think it’s a brilliant addition to one of Aberdeen’s exciting festivals. We can’t wait to get out in the dark with Aberdeen’s enthusiastic crowds.

Stay tuned here and on our social channels as there is plenty of Spectra to come over the next few weeks.

The Outlines Collective graffiti artists are captured in action, painting a large, vibrant pink piece with floral accents on a grey urban wall. They are standing on a scaffold: one is wearing a green hoodie and the other a white shirt. Their focus and creativity in enhancing the cityscape are evident, contributing to the urban art scene. The image is a snapshot of street art in progress, showcasing the artists’ contribution to public art.
Outlines Collective / Photo supplied by Spectra / Premier Scotland