RabSpitz and Vagrant Real Estate Team Up for New Album

Loose Canon, out now, explores RabSpitz' journey through the highs and lows of life, set to a soundtrack of hauntingly beautiful beats by Vagrant Real Estate.

RabSpitz and Vagrant Real Estate Team Up for New Album
Rabspitz / Photo by Rob Thain

Aberdeen-based MC RabSpitz has released his new album Loose Canon made in collaboration with producer Vagrant Real Estate and is a deep dive into the MC’s personal experiences and raw emotions through its nine tracks. It's an invitation into the inner world of one of Aberdeen’s most intriguing hip-hop artists.

Loose Canon explores the gritty reality of RabSpitz’s life, weaving tales of hazy, smoke-filled nights and the grey, monotonous days of life in Aberdeen. The album’s title cleverly hints at both chaos and authority, reflecting the MC’s tumultuous experiences and his place in the music world. RabSpitz’s storytelling is raw and real, blending self-doubt, pain and aggression through his lyrics, but tempered by an undeniable humorous side.

I made Loose Canon as a reflection of how I feel about myself - the things I've lost, things I've found and the heartbreaks along the way. I can sometimes be the villain in the story - including my own - and the project looks to explore those themes and feelings.

- Rabspitz

A lyrical and musical journey

The album features a stellar cast of guest MCs to be announced over the next few days. Each brings their unique style to the mix, enhancing the rich narrative tapestry of the release. But at the centre of the album is of course the carefully crafted collaboration between MC and producer.

RabSpitz has been a significant figure in Aberdeen’s hip-hop scene for the past six years, drawing influences from British acts like Rhyme Asylum and Dirty Dyke, as well as rock bands like Linkin Park. His collaboration with Vagrant Real Estate has resulted in a perfectly matched lyrical and musical journey. Vagrant Real Estate, known for his work with artists like Wiley and Manga Saint Hilare, has crafted a haunting and immersive backdrop for the album, from the eerie jabs of Fine By Me to the introspective depth of the title track.

What did we think?

We were lucky enough to hear a preview of Loose Canon. It's an impressive release. The juxtaposition between Rabspitz' vivid storytelling and Vagrant Real Estate's atmospheric beats creates an immersive listening experience that's both authentic and bursting with artistic integrity. The team-up goes a long way to set a new high mark for hip-hop in Scotland.

The excellent Loose Canon is available for streaming on all platforms from Friday 28 June. You can listen now on all platforms. Fans can also look forward to a special edition grey marble vinyl, limited to just 100 copies, available for purchase via Bandcamp.