Nuart Aberdeen to turn Marischal Quad into jungle of imagination

Marischal College Quad will transform into a vibrant chalk mural created by about 400 schoolchildren, guided by street artist KMG, as part of the festival's largest public participation event.

Nuart Aberdeen to turn Marischal Quad into jungle of imagination

Marischal College Quad is set to undergo a remarkable transformation during this year’s Nuart Aberdeen festival. The Quad will become a captivating “jungle of colour.” Hundreds of talented school kids come together to create one of the world’s largest chalk murals.

Led by the city’s acclaimed street artist KMG, approximately 400 primary and secondary school pupils will participate in the Chalk Don’t Chalk event. Their focus will be on the theme of Rewilding. This exciting project aims to engage the community and ignite their imagination through artistic expression.

An Epicentre of Creativity

The Marischal College Quad will become the epicentre of Nuart Aberdeen’s most extensive public participation event to date. It’s expected to attract thousands of visitors and promises a weekend filled with family-friendly activities and artistic experiences. The Quad will come alive with a stunning mural that aims to surpass all expectations and become a noteworthy installation of Nuart Aberdeen 2023.

Artist Katie Guthrie, known as KMG, is thrilled to collaborate with local children. She’ll lead them in the creation of the largest-ever Chalk Don’t Chalk installation. She told us, “I’m looking forward to working with some local kids to create our biggest ever Chalk Don’t Chalk installation. Unleashing the kids’ creativity to create their own characters and collaborating together to rewild Marischal College armed with chalk and our imaginations.”

Nuart Aberdeen Community Endeavour

Ahead of the start of the street art festival, Katie will work closely with the participating pupils within the Quad itself. They’ll explore ideas, refine suggestions, and chalk out their collective vision. The mural will gradually take shape under the guidance of KMG. It will reflect her unique artistic style intertwined with the boundless creativity of the young participants. Following the initial creation, the artwork will be opened to all kids and families during the weekend of Nuart Aberdeen. Asking everyone to contribute their artistic flair.

Chalk Don’t Chalk promises an unforgettable experience for families beyond the mural creation. In addition to becoming budding artists, attendees will enjoy various activities, including face painting, glitter tattoos, and bubble fun. Nuart Aberdeen’s Chalk Don’t Chalk event has been a resounding success in previous years. However, 2023 is undoubtedly the most ambitious and promising yet.