Monza Express announce catchy new single 'Back of The Queue'

Aberdeen-based band Monza Express is set to release their latest single "Back of The Queue" on 2 June, blending 60s-inspired sounds with modern influences from The Beatles and The Stone Roses, coinciding with their new record deal as they aim to expand their local fanbase.

Monza Express announce catchy new single 'Back of The Queue'
Photo by Darren McAllister / DMCaptures

Aberdeen-based band Monza Express has announced the upcoming release of their latest single, Back of The Queue. This new track, released on 2 June, combines nostalgic 60s-inspired sounds with a modern twist, drawing influences from iconic bands like The Beatles and The Stone Roses. Monza Express has garnered a dedicated following in the city. The band have also signed a new record deal and are ready to make their mark.

Singer Fraser Bateman, who wrote Back of the Queue, explained that the track is about moving on. He explained that it was about “accepting getting a bit older, things changing around you, leaving things behind or being left behind. The starting lyrics were based on my daughter wiping her hands on my T-shirt when she was a toddler.

“It’s the first time we’ve used a harmonica on a track and it fits really well. We’ve opted to tie the release in with our Cavern Club set. The single will drop 15 minutes before we hit the stage and we’re buzzing for it.”

A Blend of Influences

Monza Express is a five-piece guitar band that skillfully blends influences from various musical legends such as Oasis, The Who, Foo Fighters, and David Bowie. Their diverse inspirations enable them to deliver a unique sound that resonates with classic and contemporary rock fans.

Drawing from the golden era of Crosby, Stills & Nash and the revered Teenage Fanclub, Monza Express brings a refreshing fusion of styles to their performances.

Growing Recognition

With a track record of wowing local audiences, Monza Express has steadily gained momentum and recognition. Their single, ‘Back of The Queue,’ has been a staple in their live set since 2021, consistently receiving an enthusiastic response from fans.

As streaming numbers continue to climb, the band’s talent has caught the attention of Floortom Productions. The local indie label signed them up. This exciting development further solidifies Monza Express as a rising force in the music industry.

Eager to expand its reach, Monza Express plan to take its music beyond Aberdeen’s borders. Next month the band is scheduled to perform at the world-renowned Cavern Club in Liverpool. This opportunity signifies Monza Express’s growing reputation and the demand for its captivating live shows.

The next step for Monza Express

As Monza Express gears up for the release of its latest single and prepares to make its mark on the global stage, its blend of influences and infectious melodies promise an exciting musical journey for fans of all ages.

Their recently signed record deal and upcoming performance at the historic Cavern Club show Monza Express is primed to captivate audiences far and wide.

Back of The Queue is released on 2 June on Floortrom Production. You can pre-order it here.