Let April Put a Spring In Your Step

When the clocks go forward, the nights become much brighter. This marks the start of Aberdeen's vibrant cultural season. Say hello to April 🌻

Let April Put a Spring In Your Step

Hey you!

We’ve been looking for brilliant cultural gems for you to enjoy over the next few weeks. On top of that, we’ve added a new section for new music releases that we hope will become a permanent feature. Let us know what you think.

This month, Aberdeen is alive with events and community spirit. We’re particularly looking forward to the Snug Exhibition at Arkade Gallery, featuring art inspired by the community's vibrant atmosphere. The event highlights the fantastic creativity within Snug's walls.

Nuart Aberdeen introduces its walking tours, offering a glimpse into the city's dynamic street art scene. Meanwhile, Greyhope Bay celebrates its second year with a week filled with fun activities, from dolphin watching to community initiatives. Kicking off this month’s list of events, Hysteria Aberdeen at Spin brings together a night of women and non-binary performers, showcasing poetic and artistic talent.

Don’t forget, we keep you updated throughout the month through our social channels at Threads, Instagram, Mastodon and Facebook. You can also find a list of featured events along with links on our Linktree. Finally, you’ll find the latest Aberdeen culture news on our new blog.

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What’s on in April

Hysteria Aberdeen

Wed 3 Apr

Hysteria makes its awaited return to Spin on Wednesday, 3rd April, with a stellar lineup celebrating women and non-binary performers.

The night is set to dazzle, led by poetic powerhouse Jo Gilbert. You can look forward to an evening filled with exceptional performances, showcasing a range of talents that promise to captivate and inspire.

Hysteria offers a platform for a diverse array of artistic expressions.

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Snug Exhibition

This month, Snug is throwing an art exhibition to honour its creative community.

The showcase will feature pieces both crafted within Snug's walls and inspired by its vibrant atmosphere, inviting all - from casual visitors to workshop veterans and artists - to join in.

Kicking off with an April 5th preview, the event is a perfect opportunity to dive into the diverse work that has flourished at Snug over the last two years, celebrating the unique connections made in this artistic haven.

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Nuart Aberdeen Walking Tour

Sun 7 April (and Every Second Sunday)
Meet at Foodstory

Nuart Aberdeen is bringing back its walking tours as a lead-up to the 2024 festival, with a 90-minute journey through past artworks.

Guided by the Nuart team, the tours showcase Aberdeen's evolution via street art, from photorealistic murals to detailed paste-ups.

You’ll get great insights into the stories behind the work and the creators' intentions, turning Aberdeen's streets into a living gallery.

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Greyhope Bay Birthday Week

From Mon 8 Apr
Greyhope Bay Centre

The Greyhope Bay Centre also celebrates two incredible years in April with a week of fantastic events. The festivities feature a story tour by Fiona McIntyre, dolphin watching, a preview of expansion plans, origami for the Torry community, a volunteer litter pick with cake, Coastal Discovery Tours, a quiz night, breakfast for crew members, and a sold-out Coastal 10k.

The celebration concludes with Dolphin Watch, offering varied activities from historical tales to conservation efforts and community engagement, encapsulating Greyhope Bay's dedication to coastal passion and environmental stewardship.

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Speakin' Weird with Gray Crosbie-Kinnaird

Wed 10 Apr

Speakin' Weird is back in April featuring the wonderful talents of Gray Crosbie-Kinnaird.

Your host, Orla Shortall, gives a platform for folk to share poems, stories, and more, in an atmosphere that encourages openness and vulnerability. It's a space where all forms of spoken word are welcome, including prose, comedy, and story telling.

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Voices from the Granite Industry

This is your last call to explore Aberdeen's rich heritage in the Voices from the Granite Industry.

This exhibition uncovers the city's journey to becoming known as the Granite City, featuring firsthand accounts from local workers. It illuminates the significant role of quarrying in shaping Aberdeen's history and landscape and offers brilliant insights into the lives and experiences of those who worked in the industry.

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Hip-Hop Jam

Thu 18 Apr
The Blue Lamp

After the overwhelming success of the first Blue Lamp Hip-Hop Jam, the organisers have upped the ante, now offering monthly hip-hop events.

These nights are a haven for fans looking to enjoy freestyle rap, engaging beats, and an energetic atmosphere, alongside a fantastic live house band.

Aimed at both the young team new to hip-hop culture and older hip-hop heads, these nights promise an ace time. Immerse yourself in the vibrant community and energy.

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Record Store Day

Sat 20 Apr
Red Robin Records / Chameleon Records / Maidinvinyl

Record Store Day spotlights the crucial role of over 260 independent record stores in the UK. The featured stores right here in Aberdeen are the awesome Red Robin Records, Chameleon Records, and Maidinvinyl.

The day celebrates their contribution to music culture, marked by exclusive vinyl releases and local events.

As a global phenomenon, Record Store Day stands as one of the music industry's most significant events, uniting thousands of stores in a collective festivity of music and community, emphasising the unique experience these stores provide to music enthusiasts.

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Introducing the Artists 2024

Open All Month
The Suttie Arts Space

The Suttie Arts Space is celebrating its 10th anniversary by showcasing the creative talents of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust staff for its first exhibition of 2024, Introducing the Artists.

This show highlights the artistic side of the team members, those who have contributed to NHS Grampian projects like Artroom, Art Collection, and others.

The exhibition features diverse media including writing, sculpture, painting, ceramics, textiles, and film, offering a unique look into the personal artistic practices of those usually seen in a different light within the healthcare environment.

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Musical Releases in April

This is a new section for us. One that we want to be featured regularly, so if you’re an Aberdeen or North East musical artist with an upcoming release, get in touch. The easiest way is to send us an email to hiya@postabdn.com.

Single: Moody Moody - Feels Like This

Out Now

Aberdeen alt-indie four-piece Moody Moody is set to release their debut single as a full band this Friday, titled ‘Feels Like This.’

It's a big moment for the group, showcasing their fresh talent. We’re looking forward to hearing more of what Levi, Jack, Marc and Thomas have been working on.

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Single: Calum Bowie - Love Lost

Fri 5 Apr

Love Lost is the captivating new single from Calum Bowie.

Calum’s energy and talent has stirred up excitement in the Scottish music scene. Originally from Banchory and now based in Edinburgh, his unmistakable sound is winning over fans and critics alike.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Sam Fender, Alfie Templeman, and Maisie Peters, Bowie's energetic stage presence and musical style are quickly becoming unmistakable in the industry.

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Single: Monza Express - The Two Jokers

Fri 5 Apr

Aberdeen's Monza Express is set to energise the city’s music scene with their new single, ‘Two Jokers,’ launching on major streaming platforms on April 5th.

The new track showcases their strongest sound to date. Merging Indie Pop’n’Roll with dynamic rhythms, electrifying guitars, and catchy choruses, ‘Two Jokers’ promises to be an essential track for fans.

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See you next month…

And just like that, April’s newsletter has come to an end. We hope you've discovered some great events to attend this past month. Stay tuned for more adventures as we move into May. See you then!

C&K xx