Hera Set to Create Monumental Mural for Nuart Aberdeen as Walls Announced

Aberdeen’s skyline will soon feature a vast mural by Hera at Union Point, as part of the Nuart’s celebration of street art.

Hera Set to Create Monumental Mural for Nuart Aberdeen as Walls Announced
Artist Case McClaim

Nuart Aberdeen artist Hera will be creating one of the largest murals the festival has ever seen. Union Point building, overlooking the city’s harbour, will be her canvas for the festival.

It’s also been announced that Aberdeen’s own KMG is will be making significant mark at Aberdeen International Airport. Her work, along with Hera’s, will greet visitors at two key entry points to the city, showcasing the creative spirit of Aberdeen on their arrival.

Festival organisers announced they are seeking planning permission for various city walls. Spaces to be adorned with art by eleven renowned artists from around Europe, the UK, and the Middle East. Hera, known for her previous iconic mural at Aberdeen Market as part of the duo Herakut, is excited about her return. She shared, “In times like these, where we see so many images of destruction it is somewhat ‘healing’ to see something being created.”

KMG shared her excitement about his ambitious project at the airport. Keen to emphasise her deep connection to Aberdeen, where she began her artistic journey. She said, “It is going to be one of my most ambitious concepts to date and I’m particularly excited about the location I’ll be working in as I love to work in areas less expected.

“Growing up and studying in Aberdeen means the city will always be a special place for me to return to paint. I’m proud to have cut my teeth painting on the streets of Aberdeen and so it’s important to me to create something that hopefully Aberdeen will in turn be proud of.”

The festival will showcase a diverse range of artistic styles. Italian artist Millo will bring his playful giant figures to life, while German artist Case Maclaim will astonish with his photorealistic artworks. More sites set for transformation include Atholl House and the Ibis Hotel on Shiprow. The former John Lewis building is another Nuart site, along with Aberdeen Health Village.

More artists, such as Addam Yekutieli (Know Hope), Bahia Shehab, Mahn Kloix, Molly Hankinson, and Wasted Rita, will have their locations announced soon.

Nuart Aberdeen 2024 not only promises to enhance the visual landscape of Aberdeen but also aims to leave a lasting legacy. As always, it will show the power of street art and its ability to enliven public spaces.

Nuart Aberdeen 2024 runs from June 6 to 9.