Hannah Cutt and Elijah Louis Smith Blend Past and Present in New Show

Arkade Gallery’s latest exhibition delves into how art interacts with our internal canvas of experiences and the remnants of our past.

Hannah Cutt and Elijah Louis Smith Blend Past and Present in New Show

Arkade Gallery is set to host an intriguing new art exhibition titled When We Were, featuring the collaborative works of artists Hannah Cutt and Elijah Louis Smith. Opening on May 10, the show will run until May 20, offering visitors a unique exploration of the theme of ‘presence’ through innovative art practices.

Elijah Louis Smith and Hannah Cutt teamed up to blend their skills in painting and drawing together. They made art that explores the idea of things that used to be there, and the ‘noise’ or busy parts of their art really help set the mood for each piece. Together, they’ve created a collection that invites everyone to think about the past in a new way.

Hannah shared her thoughts on collaborating with Elijah for their joint exhibition. Here’s what she had to say about their creative collaboration and the dynamics of working together: "It’s been super exciting working alongside Elijah to organise this exhibition. We shared a studio for four years at Gray’s and it’s been amazing to get that creative flow back between each other after these past two years.

“Whilst our work significantly contrasts each-others aesthetically, we have found a common theme which exists in both of our practices which has been interesting to discuss and creatively engage with simultaneously. It was great seeing all of our work together for the first time during the installation, as well as witnessing the story that developed as soon as our paintings got to exist beside each other.”

The ephemeral nature of memory

The exhibition shows how Cutt and Smith play a game of hide and seek with their art. They carefully remove parts and add new bits, letting only small pieces of their earlier work show through. This method shows how memories can fade and change, and makes the audience think about the bits of the past that stay with us.

Visitors to When We Were are invited to engage with these thought-provoking pieces and contemplate their internal canvas of experiences. The artists encourage introspection on how memories manifest in the physical world and what traces of ourselves remain over time. Do the scents of childhood still linger? Are past visuals reduced to mere silhouettes in our minds?

The opening night promises an immersive experience into Cutt and Smith’s artistic journey, making When We Were a must-visit for those intrigued by the interplay of art and memory. Arkade Gallery is a great little venue for showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art. It provides the perfect backdrop for exploring artistic journeys.