Greyhope Bay Needs Your Vote

Greyhope Bay is urging Aberdeen residents to vote for their National Lottery funding bid to transform Torry Battery into a vibrant hub celebrating local heritage through a unique learning program and community-led decision-making platform.

Greyhope Bay Needs Your Vote

Greyhope Bay has called on the people of Aberdeen to support their bid for National Lottery funding through The People’s Projects. By voting for Greyhope Bay, you can help them secure funding to create a unique learning program and establish a community platform for decision-making.

This funding will be instrumental in their vision of transforming the Torry Battery historical site into a vibrant destination that celebrates Aberdeen’s coastal and built heritage.

A community-led transformation

At the heart of Greyhope Bay’s project lies the Greyhope Bay Centre. This “off-grid” green-powered eco-facility was constructed by repurposing shipping containers. This innovative approach aligns with their commitment to sustainability. A symbol of their dedication to the environment. Through a 5-year plan, they’ve fostered a strong connection between the city its unique coastal heritage.

Greyhope Bay’s journey has been bolstered by community involvement and support. Led by a small, passionate team, the project has evolved with each milestone. This is truly thanks to the active participation of the Torry and Aberdeen communities. By intentionally creating opportunities for engagement, Greyhope Bay has made its project a collective endeavour. They need your support to secure the funding required to take the project to the next level.

An opportunity to rebalance

The People’s Projects initiative provides crucial grants to community groups across the UK. After a 3-year hiatus, The National Lottery Community Fund, ITV, UTV, and the Sunday Mail (in Scotland) have joined forces to give the public a voice in deciding how National Lottery funding should be utilised in their local areas. In Scotland, the top nine projects with the most public votes will receive grants of up to £70,000, making a genuine difference in people’s lives, particularly during these challenging times.

Since its opening in April 2022, the Greyhope Bay Centre has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. However, the centre’s size limits its ability to meet the high demand for the café and community workshops. The next phase is an opportunity to rebalance activities, moving them into the outdoor environment. This shift will allow visitors to directly engage with the heritage of the Torry Battery. They’ll create a space that incorporates the entire site while enhancing the visitor experience.

Greyhope Bay has inspired communities around the UK

Greyhope Bay’s Fiona McIntyre said: “The People’s Projects has given us an amazing opportunity to raise awareness locally and nationally in support of our work and, with your help, secure this additional much-needed funding. If we win, our project will make a real difference to our local community by building our capacity to deliver meaningful accessible art and learning programmes, create opportunities to shape the future of the project as we expand and inspire communities around the UK to do the same with their local heritage.”

Greyhope Bay is reaching out to the public, urging their valuable support for a chance to win. Voting runs until 26 May 2023. Your vote can make a significant difference in helping Greyhope Bay achieve its goals. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this exciting endeavour.