From West Country to Aberdeen, Underscribes Bridge Distance with Music

Underscribes’ first EP explores the intricate dance between music and poetry, addressing deep societal issues.

From West Country to Aberdeen, Underscribes Bridge Distance with Music
Poet and Vocalist Aron Smith and musician Chris Loveder

Underscribes is a compelling musical duo showcasing the talent of West Country musician Chris Loveder and Aberdeen poet-vocalist Aron Smith. Their debut EP, The Ghost Poet at The Edge of The World, offers a unique blend of intense musical styles — from dark post-rock to vibrant metal — paired with thoughtful spoken word poetry. This combination creates powerful Poetic Prog pieces that resonate with audiences.

Chris and Aron’s story began over two decades ago when they were housemates in the West Country. Although Aron has since moved to Aberdeen, the duo has maintained their creative partnership. Despite the distance, they have found a way to collaborate. Chris composes the music from the West Country and sends it north to Aron, who then adds his lyrical poetry. This back-and-forth process has led to their thought-provoking debut EP.

The Ghost Poet at The Edge of The World entertains and invites listeners to reflect on pressing societal issues. The EP addresses topics like radicalisation, the impact of violence, commercialism, and power dynamics, all wrapped in a narrative that encourages thought and discussion.

Supporting local music like that of Underscribes helps nurture the cultural landscape of our community. It encourages musical artists to explore and express important themes that can influence society positively. By supporting local musicians, we contribute to a thriving arts scene that can offer both entertainment and insight.

As Underscribes continue to create and share their work, they exemplify how local artists can bridge geographical distances and bring communities together through the power of music and words. Their project is a testament to the vibrant and impactful contributions that local musicians can make to both their communities and the broader cultural dialogue.

You can listen to The Ghost Poet at The Edge of The World and buy your very own digital copy on the Underscribes Bandcamp page.