Fantasy Con Scotland Brings Magical Mischief to the Beach Ballroom this Summer

Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom will transform into a world of fantasy and villainy for the exciting return of Fantasy Con Scotland.

Fantasy Con Scotland Brings Magical Mischief to the Beach Ballroom this Summer
Image supplied by Fantasy Con Scotland

The Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen is preparing to host a magical realm of mischief and wonder on 11 August as Fantasy Con Scotland returns. This year’s theme, Villains! promises magical adventures and captivating experiences. The event features everything from mystical markets brimming with treasures to adrenaline-pumping tabletop games. It’s a big day of fantasy and fun for fans of all ages.

Immerse yourself in a world where mythical creatures roam. Meet dragons, pirates, and fairies, or join interactive quests that bring the stories to life. There are live shows and storytelling sessions where magic and drama unfold. For the creatively inclined, try your hand at fantasy map making, or enter the costume contest to win the best-dressed villain award.

For those who love a challenge, the Wizards Cup 2024 awaits your participation. Test your skills and claim the coveted trophy. Those seeking a serene start can enjoy the Quiet Hour, providing a peaceful entry to a day filled with excitement and exploration.

Attendees in elaborate fairy and fantasy costumes, including one with a cloud hat, enjoy the event together.
Image supplied by Fantasy Con Scotland

As the daylight wanes, the magic culminates in a spectacular finale with the Deveron River Brass serenading the crowd with iconic tunes from beloved fantasy epics like Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones.

There’s so much negativity around and most of us worry about money or the state of the world. So for a day, we get to forget all that and play make-believe that we’re in another world filled with magic and fantasy.

Laura Ripley - Fantasy Scotland

Laura Ripley, the neurodivergent entrepreneur behind Fantasy Con Scotland, regularly hosts these spectacular events. As the winner of the RBS Female Entrepreneur 2023 and the FSB Self-Employed Award 2024, Laura is committed to the Scottish creative community. She also drives the community in Aberdeen to unleash their creative sides and celebrate fantasy and adventure.

Fantasy Con Scotland is a great setting to enjoy a day of fantasy and fun. With most activities included in your entry ticket, it’s an accessible way to enjoy the day. However, be quick—early bird tickets are selling fast! 

If you’d like more details and tickets to a realm where fantasy springs to life, visit Fantasy Con Scotland’s official website.