Discover Your Voice This Year at TEDx Aberdeen

TEDxAberdeen is inviting people like you to explore the theme of 'identity' at their event on 16 November 2024.

Discover Your Voice This Year at TEDx Aberdeen

TEDx Aberdeen is gearing up for another exciting event this autumn. The team is inviting fresh voices to explore the theme of identity at the Music Hall on Saturday, 16 November 2024.

This year's focus is broad and impactful. The theme of identity will explore its influence on communities and individuals. It challenges speakers and attendees to consider questions about the erosion of identity, the perils of online identity theft, how we connect through social media, and the contrasts between our online and offline personalities.

At the heart of TEDx events lies the mission to foster a space for sharing powerful ideas and experiences. These local, self-organised gatherings combine TED Talks videos with live speakers to ignite in-depth discussions and encourage connections. They have a great record of attracting thinkers, innovators, and storytellers from Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

I am fascinated by how speakers take a broad theme, find a unique angle or fresh perspective and craft a compelling talk. I am excited to see where our speakers’ ideas will take us with this year’s theme.

Moray Barber - TEDx Aberdeen licensee

This is a special opportunity for people (maybe like you) with a story to tell or an insight to share. TEDxAberdeen offers its speakers intensive training to craft and perfect their presentations. This process, though demanding, has been immensely rewarding for those taking part. Former speakers, including Katie Forbes, have enhanced their storytelling skills and gained the confidence to connect with a broader audience.

I applied thinking I was just going to deliver a talk, but I gained so much more. The experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and revealed to me that I was capable of more than I imagined.

Katie Forbes - 2022 TEDx Aberdeen speaker

TEDxAberdeen is inclusive, welcoming ideas from diverse community voices, including those inexperienced in public speaking. The impact of these talks extends far beyond the stage, with previous cohorts' presentations getting over 202,000 views worldwide, broadening the reach of their ideas.

At POST, we've always loved the stories shared at TEDxAberdeen events. The talks share our collective understanding about our community. The event always inspires us to think differently and boldly.

If you're inspired to be part of TEDx Aberdeen and are excited to discover your voice, consider applying to be a speaker. But hurry—applications close this Sunday, 7 July at midday.

You can get more information and submit your application at