From Darkness to Dazzle: Spectra is Back!

The month ahead is buzzing with a blend of cultural delights. The spotlight surely shines brightest on Spectra Festival 2024.

From Darkness to Dazzle: Spectra is Back!

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We hope you’ve been largely unaffected by all those storms over the past few weeks. It feels like it’s been relentless. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been hibernating in front of the TV since Christmas.

And that’s where this month’s newsletter comes in. There are loads of reasons to venture out in February, and we’re listing just a few for you. The month ahead is buzzing with a blend of cultural delights. The spotlight surely shines brightest on Spectra Festival 2024. The festival is marking its 10th anniversary with fantastic new installations throughout the city centre...and it starts next week!

Each year, Spectra transforms the city into a magical tapestry of light and colour. In just a few days we’ll be exploring through the city’s reimagined streets and landmarks. with interactive sculptures, spectacular projections, and whimsical installations. Spectra invites us all to see Aberdeen in a spectacular new light.

But that's not all that's in store for Aberdeen this month. The city's cultural scene is bursting with events, as always. From the insightful comic Chloe Petts to the musical joy of Happysad. Discover the creative worlds of Wee Beasties at the Arcade Gallery. Or immerse yourself in the Scottish Hip Hop Showcase at the Lemon Tree.

For those seeking a touch of creativity, join Rita Kermack’s workshop The Landscape Within Me. Or you can explore the art of cyanotypes with Kinga Elliott. Of course, we can't forget the thrilling tales awaiting at Granite Noir 2024. Aberdeen's crime writing festival is a mix of mystery, suspense, and celebrated authors.

This February, Aberdeen is a canvas of artistic expression. A stage for captivating performances, and a haven for cultural exploration. Dive in and experience the richness of Aberdeen's cultural landscape!

Stay in touch throughout the month by checking out our new page for Aberdeen culture news, including the launch dates for Nuart Aberdeen 2024. You’ll find it here.

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What’s on in February

The image shows Chloe Petts standing against a solid green background. She's making a defiant facial expression with her mouth open showing her teeth and pulling down her lower lip with a finger to reveal the word 'NICE' written on the inside. She's wearing a brown blazer over a buttoned shirt. Chloe's intense expression, along with her direct gaze towards the camera, gives the image a strong, impactful presence.

Chloe Petts: If You Can't Say Anything Nice

Fri 2 Feb
Lemon Tree

Fresh from her smash hit Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre sell-out debut, rising star Chloe Petts arrives in the city with her brand new show, If You Can’t Say Anything Nice.

Praised for her “polite” and “well-mannered” handling of hot topics like gender and toxic masculinity in the last show, Chloe’s returning with a newer, ruder approach to the big issues. Expect routines from weddings to men who like Millwall. And she’ll definitely be calling you all a bunch of virgins.

Tickets on sale 👉 here

This is a promotional image for the Polish Scottish Mini Festival 2024. The image features a group of six individuals striking various poses with dynamic expressions, suggesting a lively and expressive event atmosphere. The background is a blend of cool blues and vibrant pinks, with a large, visually intriguing pattern that could be a representation of cultural fusion. Prominently displayed is the word "HVPPYSAD" in large, distressed font. Overall, the graphic design conveys a sense of energy and cultural blend, fitting for a festival celebrating Polish and Scottish traditions and contemporary arts.

Happysad: Two Decades of Musical Joy in Poland

Sat 3 Feb
The Lemon Tree

The Polish Scottish Mini Festival continues with a performance by the popular Polish band Happysad.

Happysad was formed in 2001 in Skarżysko-Kamienna. The band is celebrated for its significant impact on the Polish music scene. They’re also known for their extensive live performances…they’ve played over 1300 concerts.

They have achieved notable success with 5 platinum and 3 gold records and have set attendance records at clubs around Poland. If you are looking for something a little bit different, check them out.

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A vibrant graphic for the "Striking Impressions" exhibition, featuring a stylised illustration of a human figure and a wolf-like character engaging closely. The human figure appears contemplative, holding a spoon and leaning towards the wolf, which is portrayed mid-snort or speech. The background is a bold blue with ghosted faces, emphasising the exhibition's theme of exploring diverse representations of faces. The art style is bold and graphic, using pink outlines on a vivid blue backdrop to create a striking visual contrast.

Striking Impressions

From Mon 5 Feb
Sir Duncan Rice Library

Striking Impressions explores the diverse representations of faces. From anatomy to caricatures and masks, the exhibition invites you to interact with the displays and explore their creativity.

You’ll also be able to show off your own creative side, with supplies being provided to craft your own creation.

Find out more 👉 here

This image is a promotional poster for Spectra Festival 2024, billed as "Scotland's Festival of Light," which is scheduled to take place from 8th to 11th February 2024 in Aberdeen City Centre. The poster features a contemporary design with a dark background accented by a grid and colorful light refractions, emphasizing the light-based nature of the festival. The event is advertised as a free event, making it accessible to a wide audience. The website for the festival is also provided for those seeking more information. The design of the poster is modern and vibrant, capturing the essence of a festival that celebrates light in various artistic forms.

SPECTRA Festival 2024

From Thu 8 Feb
Aberdeen City Centre

SPECTRA, Scotland's captivating festival of light, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by again lighting up Aberdeen.

Aberdeen's city centre will transformed into an enchanted landscape with projections, interactive sculptures, and magical installations round every corner. Iconic locations will be transformed into a dazzling array of light and colour.

This festival is a delightful experience for people of all ages. It's a chance to experience the familiar streets and landmarks in an extraordinary new way.

Find out more 👉 here

 The image depicts a simple and whimsical drawing of two frog-like creatures facing each other, set against a background that appears to be painted with broad, vertical brushstrokes in pink and cream hues. The creatures are outlined in a bold green color with minimal detail, giving them a playful and abstract appearance. This kind of art often evokes a sense of innocence and can be associated with child-like creativity or a free-spirited approach to art-making.

Wee Beasties

Discover the imaginative world of Wee Beasties, a fine art exhibition features the works of Daisy Pickford and Karoliina Wright. Both talented 2023 graduates from Gray's School of Art.

Dive into the collection and experience the fresh perspectives of two emerging voices in the contemporary art scene. See the world through their eyes at The Anatomy Rooms.

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The graphic is a promotional poster for Hours & Aberdeen Performing Arts’ Scottish live hip-hop showcase at The Lemon Tree. The date of the event, '09.02.2024', noted below. The age restriction '14+' and the time '7-11PM' are clearly stated, along with a 'PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN' option for tickets. Logos are displayed for performers QUEEN OF HARPS' 'FER 47' 'Sherlock' 'SWEET ROGUE' and JW NORMAL’. The design features abstract imagery and a map snippet, giving it a modern, urban vibe.

HOURS Scottish Hip Hop Showcase

Fri 9 Feb
Lemon Tree

HOURS and APA's Scottish Hip Hop Showcase lights up with an electrifying lineup of fresh talent.

The fantastic Queen of Harps will hit the stage, along with the fresh Afrobeat/R&B sensation FER4Z and Glasgow's own Sherlock. They’ll be joined by the eclectic MC Sweet Rogue and Edinburgh's JW Normal with his melodic trap beats. Times are tight so this pay-what-you-can event.

Tickets and more 👉 here

The image is an abstract painting with a dynamic and textured appearance, displaying a collage of colours and shapes. It features vivid red coral-like patterns, contrasting with muted blue circular forms and swathes of grey and pale yellow. The artwork has an organic, yet carefully composed quality, suggesting movement and a layered depth, typical of Rita Kermack's engaging style. The interplay of colours and forms creates a vibrant visual experience that captures the viewer's imagination.

The Landscape Within Me

Sat 10 Feb
Courtyard Artspace

This is a creative workshop led by Aberdeen artist Rita Kermack.

It offers a playful and exploratory environment for you to try monoprint techniques and create your own collage materials. You’ll then use these materials to craft your own unique compositions in the afternoon session.

Find out more and book 👉 here

The image is a black and white photograph capturing poet Georgia Bartlett-McNeil in a moment of performance. She is positioned before a microphone, animatedly expressing herself with her mouth open as if caught mid-sentence, hands gesturing to emphasise her spoken word. The lighting casts her in a soft glow against a dark backdrop, highlighting the passion and intensity of her performance.

Speakin' Weird

Wed 14 Feb

Speakin' Weird's spoken word open mic night is back featuring special guest Georgia Bartlett-McNeil, spoken word artist and current Loud Poets Central Region Slam Champion.

The event is a monthly open mic night for Aberdeen's spoken word fans and performers. Poets and storytellers are invited to share their work in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, celebrating the love of words and storytelling.

More 👉 here

The image features a textured, dark background with the text "Aberdeen Performing Arts presents GRANITE NOIR" prominently displayed in large, bold letters that give a gritty, noir aesthetic. There is a map in the background and on the left is a round saw with a fingerprint…possibly in blood. The overall mood is gritty and mysterious, inviting intrigue and curiosity.

Granite Noir 2024

Tue 20 to Sun 25 Feb
Venues Across Aberdeen

Aberdeen's celebrated crime writing festival returns with a thrilling program.

Granite Noir features a mix of detective stories, psychological thrillers, and horror. Legendary and emerging crime writers will participate in talks, exhibitions, and theatrical performances.

This year includes David Suchet discussing his career and new appearances by authors like Sophie Hannah. There are also events for children and families, workshops, and a focus on Scottish and Scandinavian authors.

Get more info 👉 here

The image is a collage of cyanotype prints with a dominant blue and white colour scheme. On the left, there's a joyful outdoor scene featuring an adult and a young child, both smiling widely beside a bicycle. On the right, there are various smaller cyanotype prints showcasing different botanical shapes and abstract designs. The lower right features a detailed print of a plant, capturing the fine details of its leaves and flowers. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print, and these artworks exemplify the technique's distinctive hue and shadow detail.

Cyanotype Workshop with Kinga Elliott

Sat 24 Feb
The Courtyard Artspace

Join Kinga Elliott for a hands-on Cyanotype Workshop at The Courtyard Artspace. Delve into the art of creating beautiful blue prints with both traditional and digital techniques.

You'll leave with a collection of A4 cyanotypes crafted from personal photos or unique object compositions. Materials, tea, and coffee are on the house, and there's a café for lunch or you can bring your own.

Find out more 👉 here

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We just don’y have the space to cover everything here so stay updated with our latest news and events on our social media channels, and our new page See you next month for more exciting updates. Thank you all for your wonderful support!

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