Belmont Cinema Public Information Meeting

Sun 8 Oct 2023 - 2pm at Cowdray Hall

Belmont Cinema Public Information Meeting

Hey you!

You might be thinking, “erm…you already sent out an email this week. WTAF is going on?” And that’s fair, but we decided to separate this out as it’s important to us, and we hope to you too.

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The team behind the campaign to save the Belmont Cinema have announced a public meeting for this Sunday at 2pm. The venue is the lovely Cowdray Hall at Aberdeen Art Gallery.

It’s an important point in the campaign as Belmont Community Cinema Ltd has just been announced as the preferred operator to take over running of the cinema. They'll provide updates on the campaign to breathe new life into the venue and you'll also get a glimpse of their exciting vision to restore Belmont as the go-to destination for film enthusiasts in Aberdeen.

This event isn't just about information; it’s a great opportunity to meet the team behind The Belmont's revival. You can learn how to get involved and contribute to bringing it back to its former glory. Your involvement can make a real difference, and this is your chance to be part of a meaningful journey.

We’ll be there too, so it’ll be great to see you. Book your spot now.

See you Sunday x