Belmont Cinema appoint architect

Local firm TINTO is on board to transform The Belmont Cinema into a modern haven for film lovers and cultural hub for Aberdeen.

Belmont Cinema appoint architect

Aberdeen’s Belmont Cinema has reached a new milestone in its revival. Local firm TINTO is now on board to transform this iconic spot into a modern haven for film lovers. The ultimate promise is to reinvigorate the cinema with fresh energy. All while, of course, respecting its heritage.

The city council picked Belmont Community Cinema Ltd. to lead this revival last year. Now these two teams are united by the same goal to bring back the Belmont.

Jacob Campbell of Belmont Community Cinema Ltd. is thrilled with TINTO’s involvement. He’s praised their enthusiasm and knowledge of the Belmont’s cultural significance.

They have demonstrated a passion for the project, shown a deep-rooted understanding of the significance of the Belmont, its place within Aberdeen, and the steps required to preserve its future, whilst honouring its past.

Jacob Campbell, Belmont Community Cinema.

The Belmont’s Dallas King added that he’s eager to see the project unfold. His goal is clear: to reopen the Belmont as Aberdeen’s premier cinema destination.

Richard Tinto, of TINTO Architecture, feels a personal connection to the project. He’s committed to preserving Aberdeen’s cultural heart through the Belmont.

The Belmont Cinema has a hugely important role to play in nurturing and sustaining the cultural heartbeat of Aberdeen, as part of a campaign to regenerate the city centre while retaining its heritage.

Richard Tinto, TINTO Architecture.

Rob Kenny, a cinema outfit expert, has also joined the team. He brings invaluable experience to the refurbishment. His background with Curzon Cinema and consultancy for Mustard Studio adds a layer of expertise to the project.

The Belmont’s new vision is about more than movies. Plans feature a modern café bar, a community and education space, and a selection of indie and world cinema.

It aims to be a cultural hub for Aberdeen.

It’s an exciting reimagining of the Belmont Cinema as a place where film, education, and community come together. We’re confident that the Belmont will open it’s doors to the public once again. There’s a great team in place. We’ll be keeping a close eye on progress.

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