The Ayetanic set sail this week…and what a voyage!

The Aberdeen Student Show, a centennial tradition featuring students from the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University, showcases their theatrical talents in an annual production that has become a staple of the local arts scene.

The Ayetanic set sail this week…and what a voyage!

The Aberdeen Student Show is an annual theatrical event bringing together students from the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University. The tradition has grown to become a highlight of the local arts scene. It attracts audiences from across the North East and beyond.

Each year, the show is produced entirely by students, including the cast, crew, and orchestra. They work together tirelessly and always create an entertaining production. The show’s success is a testament to Aberdeen’s student community’s passion, dedication, and creativity. It’s a celebration of the city’s unique humour and perspective.

Northsound presenter Jeff Diack jumped on board for the opening performance of this year’s show, Ayetanic. It is safe to say, he had an amazing voyage.

For 101 years the cast of the Aberdeen Student Show has been treading the boards of HMT.

This year’s tale, Ayetanic, loosely follows the story of the Titanic whilst poking fun at the cooncil, the doric dialect, and of course, Stuarty Milne, and it is absolutely fantastic.

I’ve lost count of the number of shows I have seen over the years but can genuinely say this year’s is one of the funniest. The jokes come at you thick and fast. The parody songs are brilliant, and the chemistry between the entire ensemble just sparkles.

Ayetanic – A seat at the Captain’s table

As the Ayetanic sets sail from the new Aberdeen Harbour on its maiden voyage to Banff. There’s drama and deceit, a love story, and several wee subplots that keep the laughs flowing. (Bert WILL die a happy man)

The entire cast deserves a seat at the Captain’s table in the First Class Lounge. Still, Emma Chibesakunda and Luke McKerron deserve a special mention for their roles as Suki Sweetie and Jock for the stunning vocals and the cheeky grin alone.

Ayetanic runs at HMT until Saturday 22nd April and the remaining tickets are extremely limited. Get yourself doon the Box Office before you miss the boat.