Aberdeen’s Cultural Scene Boosted by Belmont Cinema Fundraising Launch

Aberdeen’s Cultural Scene Boosted by Belmont Cinema Fundraising Launch

Our beloved Belmont Cinema is gearing up for a grand revival. Once a cornerstone of Aberdeen’s cultural scene, the venue is once again set to become a community hub for film fans, starting with a major public fundraising campaign. The launch is at 10am on Saturday, 15th June, at the Douglas Hotel.

This event marks a significant step forward in the revival of the cinema, which has been closed since 2022. You will be the first to see the new branding and the proposed refurbishment designs that promise to transform Belmont into a modern yet cosy venue for film lovers.

Twenty months of hard graft, early mornings, and many late nights by this dedicated team have led to this moment - we are incredibly excited to share the hard work of our volunteers with the wider Belmont community.

Jacob Campbell - Belmont Community Cinema Chair

The Belmont Cinema has historically been more than just a movie theatre. It has also been a community hub where people of all ages gather to explore films often overlooked by mainstream cinemas. The re-launch of The Belmont aims to restore this unique space where film is celebrated.

During the event, updates on the Belmont Community campaign will be shared, detailing how the public can contribute to this exciting project. The campaign focuses not just on refurbishing the building but also on reinvigorating the cinema’s programming. It will include a wide array of films, from indie flicks to global cinema, again making it a cultural beacon in Aberdeen.

This is a great chance to meet the project team, a passionate group dedicated to the cinema’s success. Community members can also ask questions, offer support, and get involved in the cinema’s future.

To purposefully misquote Field Of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”. The team have been working hard laying the foundations so The Belmont can become the destination for film in Aberdeen, and we are excited for everyone to fall in love with the cinema again.

Dallas King - Belmont Community Cinema Trustee

The Belmont Cinema’s return is vital to Aberdeen’s cultural landscape. It’s not just about bringing movies back to the big screen, but about reigniting a sense of community and providing a space where art and dialogue flourish. As efforts to reopen Belmont continue, the excitement and support from the community underscore the cinema’s importance as a cultural institution in Aberdeen.

You can book your free spot for the launch event now.

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