Aberdeen Podcast Scene Offers a Fresh Voice to the City

Check out Aberdeen's podcast scene with genres ranging from creative arts to football, offering something for every listener.

Aberdeen Podcast Scene Offers a Fresh Voice to the City
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Back in 2022, we took a deep dive into Aberdeen's podcast landscape, and now, in 2024, it's time to revisit these local voices that might just be your next favourite listen.

Podcasts offer a brilliant way to connect with the wider world, but there's something extra special about discovering the stories and ideas bubbling up right here in your backyard. Whether you're into the underground beats of local music, the sizzling scenes of food enthusiasts, the passionate debates of football fans, or the innovative thoughts of creatives nearby, Aberdeen's podcasts have something that will catch your ear.

We've updated our list of standout podcasts from Aberdeen's storytellers to make it easy for you to find and follow them. Pop over to your favourite podcast platform or listen directly from this page.

And hey, if you're behind the mic yourself with a podcast we haven’t covered yet, let us know! There’s a link at the bottom of the page where you can drop us a line and share your podcast. We’d love to hear from you and potentially add your show to our ever-growing list.

The ABZ Football Podcast

The ABZ Football Podcast is your weekly ticket to everything Aberdeen FC. Covering both the men’s and women’s teams, this podcast packs in reviews of the weekend's matches and previews of upcoming fixtures. You’ll get a rich blend of exclusive interviews, special content, watch-alongs, and much more. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting to know the team, the ABZ Football Podcast is your go-to source for all the inside scoop and spirited discussions on Aberdeen FC.


ADHD AF is the podcast where neurodivergence shines, hosted by two women who are, well, ADHD AF! Neighbours Dawn and Laura, at different stages of their diagnosis journeys, unpack the mysteries of what’s been buzzing around in their brains for years. Each episode features special guests to explore a new facet of ADHD, making complex topics accessible and relatable. Tune in to join Dawn and Laura as they dive deep into the ADHD experience with honesty, humour, and a whole lot of heart.


ChamberTalk is your essential Scottish political and business podcast, brought to you by the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce. The podcast features insightful interviews with politicians, business leaders, and industry experts, diving deep into the challenges and opportunities facing individuals and businesses in the North-east. Tune in to ChamberTalk to get a front-row seat to the discussions shaping our local economy and political landscape.


Creative Me Podcast has explored art, culture, and creativity for over five years. Hosted by Ica Headlam, each episode invites you into a conversation with artists and creatives. You'll hear directly about how their environment shapes their work and fuels their inspiration. Plus, Ica digs into their aspirations and what they aim to accomplish with their creative endeavours. It's a deep dive into the hearts and minds of those who colour our local culture.

Dishin' It

Dishin' It is your ultimate guide to the best spots to eat, drink, stay, and explore in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, and beyond. Join Colin – The Food Hoover – as he dives into the heart of the food scene, getting up close and personal with businesses, writers, and content creators. Together, they chew over all things culinary, offering you insider tips and inspiration. Whether you're a local foodie or a visitor looking for the next great meal, Dishin' It has got you covered.

Four Idle Hands

Four Idle Hands brings you up close with some big names in music, like Public Service Broadcasting, Twilight Sad, Little Kicks, Capollos, and Kraftwerk, among others. Hosts Terry and Michael chat about their top album picks each week, dive into the local gig scene, and discuss the latest happenings in the news. It’s your go-to podcast for a lively discussion on all things music and beyond, straight from Aberdeen. Join them as they blether about the beats and buzz that keep the local and global music scenes vibrant.

Gather Round Podcast

Gather Round takes you inside Aberdeen's Archives, Gallery, and Museums, offering a unique peek at the treasures they hold. Every month, the podcast features interviews with team members who share insights into the collection, spotlight special exhibitions and delve into local history. Whether the stories are dark and dramatic or light and uplifting, they're always entertaining and informative. Tune in to uncover the fascinating layers of Aberdeen's past and present, brought to life by those who know it best.

Harbour Voices

Harbour Voices spotlights stories behind Aberdeen's harbour areas. In each bite-sized episode, the host sits down with a guest to explore what Aberdeen Harbour and its surrounding communities mean to them. Each episode offers you a fascinating glimpse into the lives and livelihoods of the people who make up this vital part of the city. Dive in and discover the personal connections and narratives that shape Aberdeen Harbour.

Here We Go!

Here We Go is your home for all things Aberdeen Dons, served up every week or so. This podcast dives into the heart of the Dons’ universe with lively discussions, instant reactions, and occasional exclusive interviews with former players. Renowned for its surprisingly notable guests and in-depth game coverage, the show brings together fans and guest writers for a passionate exploration of all the latest on and off the pitch.


Despite vehement protests from local residents, planners, and environmentalists, Donald Trump’s contentious golf development in Aberdeenshire was unexpectedly approved, sparking a wave of controversy. Produced by BBC Radio Scotland, Trumped unravels the intricate story of this development, diving into the intense debates and personal stories entwined with the project. The podcast examines the far-reaching impacts of the development on the local community and the pristine Scottish environment. It captures the enduring tensions and consequences that followed its realisation.

Who is the Cheese Wire Killer?

September 1983 marked a chilling chapter in Aberdeen’s history when taxi driver George Murdoch's shift took a tragic turn. Picking up a fare near the city centre, George unexpectedly diverted down a dimly lit side street. It was there his passenger turned assailant, attacking George with a cheese wire. Despite a desperate escape attempt, George was caught and fatally strangled, his assailant vanishing into the night without a trace. Left alone and lifeless at the street’s edge, George’s murder has haunted Aberdeen for over forty years.

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We hope this roundup introduces you to your next favourite podcast. Podcasts are fast becoming a vital part of the city’s cultural fabric. We aim to keep this list of Aberdeen podcasts up-to-date, so if there’s a local gem you love that’s missing from our list, don’t hold back—drop us a line. We’re always eager to discover new voices and add them to our ever-growing playlist.