Aberdeen Art Gallery Unveils New Grayson Perry Exhibit

Aberdeen Art Gallery enriches its collection with a thought-provoking ceramic pot created by Grayson Perry

Aberdeen Art Gallery Unveils New Grayson Perry Exhibit
Installation view of Alan Measles and Claire Under an English Moon, 2023 © Grayson Perry. Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro

Aberdeen Art Gallery has unveiled a new exhibit featuring a ceramic pot by the acclaimed British artist Grayson Perry. Supported by funding from the Art Fund, Aberdeen Art Gallery Trusts, and the National Fund for Acquisitions, the artwork is now available for public viewing.

Grayson Perry, known for his vibrant and often humorous approach to art, won the Turner Prize in 2003 and has become one of the most beloved contemporary artists in Britain. His work combines traditional art forms like ceramics, tapestry, and printmaking to tackle complex societal issues with wit and insight.

The displayed pot, titled Alan Measles and Claire Under an English Moon, was originally part of the largest exhibition of Perry's work, Smash Hits, showcased at the National Gallery of Scotland in 2023. This piece features characters that are significant to Perry's narrative — his childhood teddy bear, Alan Measles, and his alter ego, Claire, reflecting his unique style of blending personal history with broader social commentary.

Aberdeen Art Gallery
We’re delighted to support the opportunity to bring this fabulous example of the work of Grayson Perry, one of the UK’s most innovative and popular artists, to audiences in Aberdeen, where it is a wonderful addition to the Gallery’s important ceramics collection.

Dr Hazel Williamson, from the National Fund for Acquisitions

Perry's art addresses deep and often provocative themes such as masculinity, sexuality, class, and politics, making profound topics accessible and engaging through his art. His influence has helped transform the perception of pottery from a mere craft to a recognised art form.

This acquisition by Aberdeen Art Gallery not only enriches its collection but also provides the local community and visitors with an opportunity to engage with the work of a major contemporary artist. The exhibition is expected to attract many to the gallery, drawn by Perry's reputation and the compelling nature of his work.