The Belmont Lights Up with the Launch of Crowdfund and a Fancy New Look

Exciting updates for The Belmont Cinema with innovative designs and a fundraising campaign revealed to supporters. We have new pictures to share.

The Belmont Lights Up with the Launch of Crowdfund and a Fancy New Look

The campaign to breathe new life into Aberdeen’s beloved Belmont Cinema took a significant step forward this Saturday. The team unveiled exciting new branding, innovative architectural designs, and the launch of a crucial Crowdfund - details at the bottom of the page. At POST, we're thrilled to champion this cause. We think that The Belmont plays a vital role in our community.

The event was marked by an enthusiastic crowd who gathered to see the future of The Belmont. Campaign leads and trustees Jacob Campbell and Dallas King introduced the session, setting the stage for an inspiring morning. Mark Kemp, head of Studio 42, presented the new logo and branding. Simple yet striking, the design draws on the golden age of cinema, featuring adaptable but distinctive elements intended to resonate with all Aberdonians.

Richard Tinto of Tinto Architecture shared his vision for the cinema’s transformation. His plans promise a warmer, more welcoming environment, from the moment you walk through the new entrance. The design includes a street-facing kiosk, a stylish bar and café, and a vibrant popcorn stand. Importantly, the theatres and seating will be refurbished, greatly enhancing the cinematic experience.

An New Education Suite for The Belmont

We're very excited about the new education suite. Managed by SHMU, the space is dedicated to nurturing Aberdeen’s future filmmakers, writers, and cinema enthusiasts, providing them with brilliant resources to learn and create. This initiative is expected to draw more visitors to The Belmont, fostering a new generation of film fans across North East Scotland.

The revamped Belmont Cinema will become a hub for the city, hosting community screenings, educational initiatives, creative opportunities, and leisure activities. All these offerings will showcase the unique spirit and culture of Aberdeen.

Bemont Cinema education suite, run by SHMU

And let's talk about the movies. It’s the reason that cinemas exist after all. As I write, I have a free day, but despite Aberdeen's many cinema screens, the movie options are limited. Aberdeen is not served well by the current offering. The new Belmont Cinema is set to offer a diverse film programme tailored for Aberdeen's audience. It will showcase the best in cinema, including classic films and exclusive screenings not available anywhere else in the city.

This is an exciting time, not just for Belmont, but for Aberdeen's wider cultural scene. We're deeply conscious that we're just one piece in a wider cultural tapestry - but our campaign is proving that Aberdeen can have the nice things that other cities take for granted if we're willing to put our money where our mouth is and fight for them.

The days of watching things slide away, of complaining that there's nothing to do, nothing to see, are gone; there's no excuse anymore. In Aberdeen, Belmont is becoming a by-word for 'if you want to make it happen, roll up your sleeves, get out there and do it'. We're delighted that our community are the vanguard for that kind of thinking - and we're positive that the people of Aberdeen will get behind us too.

Jacob Campbell - Belmont Community Cinema

As we move closer to reopening, your support becomes ever more critical. The campaign has set an ambitious £2 million target to ensure The Belmont’s sustainable future and deliver a top-tier experience for visitors. By contributing to the Crowdfunder campaign, you can play a direct role in this exciting chapter of Aberdeen’s cultural story. Exciting rewards are available to those who contribute, giving you even more reasons to support this worthy cause.

You can donate to The Belmont Community Cinema Crowdfunder right now. Your generous support will fund a future for independent cinema in Aberdeen.