Hours presents: Tzusan and Shogun

Tzusan and Shogun are embarking on a highly-anticipated nationwide tour across Scotland this summer, showcasing their incredible talent to audiences country-wide. They'll play Captain Tom's in Aberdeen on 24 June.

Shogun, a platinum-selling Scottish rapper, has already made a name for himself in the music industry. His impressive skills were showcased on BBC Three's The Rap Game. This further solidified his status as a rising star in the hip-hop scene.

Joining Shogun is Tzusan, a contemporary MC/Producer whose solo release in 2022, titled "WSPSNSYRP," garnered international acclaim. He even secured a nomination for Best Hip-hop at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMA).

The tour is dedicated to promoting their highly-anticipated collaborative album, "Lead Wetsuit Schematics." This album promises to be a compelling blend of individual talents, highlighting their unique styles and captivating lyricism.


Namebliss on the mic in the foreground of a live performance, while Vagrant Real Estste DJs in the background wearing a Scotland football shirt

Biggest Belief - new track from Vagrant Real Estate and Namesbliss

Aberdeen Producer Vagrant Real Estate and rapper Namesbliss have released a new track titled 'Biggest Belief.' This introspective anthem is a relatable gem and is now available to stream everywhere. The duo recently completed their first international music festival at Future Echoes 2023 in Sweden, where they premiered the track. It was also named the BBC Scotland Introducing Track of the Week on March 11th.

A testament to their musical talent and ability to create something relatable and inspiring

This is the second single from their upcoming collaboration album. It has an incredibly well-balanced mix of an irresistible rhythmic melody and a harmonic hook. The track has also been infused with 'light and hope' delivered by DeeRiginal, a fellow UK artist whose work shines through. This track is a soul-quenching listening experience you don't want to miss.

Vagrant Real Estate smiles to the camera. he's wearing a checked shirt and a black t-shirt
Photo by Chris Sansbury / POST

'Biggest Belief' invites listeners to look within themselves and find hope, inspiration, and motivation. Namesbliss's lyrics are relatable and brooding, making them easy to connect with. The song is also beautifully produced and really showcases Vagrant Real Estate's talent.

This latest release from the pair is a testament to their musical talent and ability to create something relatable and inspiring. 'Biggest Belief' is a song worth your time, an excellent reminder that hope and positivity can be found even in dark times.

Biggest Belief is available now

Namesbliss and Vagrant Real Estate have delivered a true gem. This song is a perfect representation of their musical talent and their ability to create something that is both relatable and inspiring. If you haven't already, spend a little time with this track.


We Are Here Scotland presents INCUBATA

Vagrant Real Estate headlines INCUBATA, a special night celebrating the We Are Here Scotland incubation programme to develop BPoC creatives. He will be joined by special guests from the worlds of Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B. Danny Cliff and EYVE will perform on the night, with visuals from Kumi McKenna. The Event Event Manager is Raymond Igbinoke. Expect an unforgettable night at The Lemon Tree.

What is We Are Here Scotland?

The We Are Here Scotland incubation programme was launched in 2022. The aim was to nurture, mentor, and develop BPoC creatives based in Scotland. As part of the pilot, four creatives have been invited from different creative industry sectors.


Danny Cliff

Born in Nigeria and raised in Austria, singer-songwriter Danny Cliff now calls Edinburgh home. Gaining his love of music through attending church in Austria, was a double-edged sword. The country’s music scene didn’t live up to expectations but that all changed when he moved to Scotland. His love for music flooded back when he was submerged in the bubbling music scene of Edinburgh. 


Originally from Zimbabwe and now based in Scotland, Eyve realised that music and singing were something she wanted to pursue thanks to her church choir. As a queer person, Eyve felt her faith being challenged due to rejection based on her identity. This helped shape her musical path and still does. Rap was a strong means of expression. In 2019 she started to feel empowered to sing and rap about subjects such as feminism, self-love, confidence and politics.

Vagrant Real Estate

Vagrant Real Estate is a producer and DJ from Aberdeen. He has self-released a number of projects with both local and international artists. His most recent independently funded and produced project was “The Iceberg Theory.” He is also the co-founder of the music & events platform HOURS. His aim was to build infrastructure for independent artists in Aberdeen. To champion rising local acts from hip-hop and the wider scene.

Album release | CLBRKS & Vagrant Real Estate - The Iceberg Theory

The Iceberg Theory is the new collaborative project from Blah Records’ CLBRKS and Scottish producer Vagrant Real Estate, pairing distinctive flow and vivid imagery with lush soul samples and icy, gothic textures.

Crafted remotely through the last year between London and Aberdeen. The project spans seven tracks where CLBRKS weaves stark confession with booze-soaked braggadocio. Following the concept of American writer Ernest Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory, he drops allusions to surface elements and allows the listener to interpret as he oscillates between cashmere vests, Greek mythology and The Chappelle Show. Always leaving his underlying themes unspoken. 

The project features appearances from UK Hip Hop heavyweight Ramson Badbonez and rising London-based stars Renelle 893 and Kish! as well as Scottish MC Jackill, highlighting the cross-country collaboration of the album. Building on the wealth of references in the lyrics, renowned British visual artist & illustrator Emily Catherine (Your Old Droog, Mach Hommy) provided the painted artwork. She paired CLBRKS’ varied allusions with nods to Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights and The Ambassadors by Holbein.

About the artists

CLBRKS has carved out his lane through the crowd of UK Hip Hop with his distinctive tone and wordplay, in part alchemized through his early days which saw him relocate from the UK to Tanzania at the age of 3, before returning to the UK shores in 2013. His ability to stand out on even the most crowded posse cut has seen him rapidly rise through the UK scene, and recently join the ranks of esteemed British rap label Blah. His voracious work ethic has produced an impressive back catalogue and his collaborations with fellow Blah artist Morriarchi have seen international acclaim and featured with the likes of Lee Scott and Black Josh.

Vagrant Real Estate is fast becoming one of the most sought-after producers in Scotland. He draws from a number of disparate inspirations to craft his soulful and melodic style. Named as one of BBC Radio Scotland’s Top 25 Artists to Watch in 2021, he has also seen support from the likes of Creative Scotland, Ministry of Sound, Hypebeast, Complex and DJ Mag. He is equally at home working with Trap and Drill styles. The Iceberg Theory sees him return to his roots of sample style beats and his impeccable ear for a loop. Sometimes stripped back to the bare essence of the chops.

The Iceberg Theory

“The Iceberg Theory” drops everywhere on September 9th. However fans looking for early access can now pre-order the special edition sky blue vinyl via Vagrant Real Estate’s BandCamp. Limited to 100 copies. Purchase of the vinyl allows instant streaming of the full project. The LP will also include instrumentals and a bonus track not released anywhere else.

Vagrant Real Estate explores Holy Places

Aberdeen producer Vagrant Real Estate has teamed up with Edinburgh-based singer Misty Galactic for a new track. Released on 23 July, Holy Places is a dark late-night pop single which explores the intense feelings of lust and obsession.


Both musicians have enjoyed tremendous praise in the infancy of their careers. Misty Galactic’s previous releases received a wide range of support, including from the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. She ended 2020 on a high with her inclusion on The Herald’s Top 100 tunes of the year. Recently Misty Galactic also landed the coveted Artist of the Week feature in The Scotsman.

Vagrant Real Estate has also received notable coverage. Specifically from the likes of Ministry of Sound, DJ Mag and i-D Magazine. In addition he was also named as one of Vic Galloway’s Top 25 Artists To Watch in 2021

The new track marks the first time that Vagrant Real Estate has worked worked with a singer. As a producer he normally works with rappers. His signature production style combining warm melodies with soap bass and drums is still very much present, though. Holy Places highlights Misty Galactic’s sonic ambition. Her voice commands presence over walls of guitar and synths. The result is a cavernous and carnal anthem to obsession, evoking artists such as BANKS, The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey. 

What the artists say about Holy Places

We asked Vagrant Real Estate how he and Misty got together for the track. Speaking to POST, he told us, "I originally came across Misty's music through blogs as she was picking up press for her first few singles, and really liked her sound and aesthetic. I always want to try and push myself and work on different sounds and styles, so I reached out and she was happy to collaborate.

“Misty Galactic is a great talent, and I couldn’t be happier with how the track came out. From the initial demo I sent through, her songwriting and vocal performance took the whole sound to the next level."

Misty Galactic told us, "It was awesome to get to work with Vagrant Real Estate on this release. The lyrics are all about being so obsessed with someone and having such intense feelings, it all starts to feel like a religious experience. I'd been playing around with them for quite a while, and when he sent me the initial idea for a track, everything just seemed to fit together perfectly. I'm super proud of what we've created."

Vagrant Real Estate | Photo by Chris Sansbury

The effect of COVID on recording music

We wondered whether remote the move to recording has been liberating for artists. Some say it's levelling the playing field, while others tell us it's more difficult for new acts. Vagrant Real Estate thinks it is a bit of both. "I think it's definitely benefited those who have been able to adapt and work effectively with it. I've seen a number of people grow their brand massively. Artists tapping into that new captive audience who were stuck at home, looking for things to watch on social media.

If the quality is there and you have the right push/marketing behind it, people will start to notice.
Vagrant Real Estate

"There's definitely an argument that it's difficult for new acts due to the sheer amount of new music now. You can self-produce and release tracks from your bedroom, but equally the tools are all available and mostly free to network and get your sound out there via social media, websites and the like. If the quality is there and you have the right push/marketing behind it, people will start to notice."

Aberdeen's music scene

Aberdeen's music scene is dominated by rock bands, but other genres are starting to push their way through. We asked about the city's music scene and he sees it. He said, "I think locally and for Scotland in general, there's an abundance of bands. That's what we're typically known for. When I started out producing, pretty much the only other person working in hip-hop in the city was Ransom FA.

"I definitely think now though that hip-hop is coming through. There's a lot of talent in the next generation of artists. I think that ties in with the global shift towards hip-hop as the most popular genre. The main thing Aberdeen needs to compete with the central belt is just infrastructure. In terms of venues, studios and practise spaces we're definitely lacking. Especially when compared to what's available to the artists in Glasgow and Edinburgh."

Vagrant Real Estate | Photo by Chris Sansbury

The future

Wondering what's on the horizon for the Aberdeen producer, he told us, "I've been working on some really exciting collaborations with MCs in London. I've been building those relationships and expanding my sound to incorporate more live instrumentation. Gatson and I are writing the follow-up album to our Holding On EP from Spring this year. I'm also finishing up my next instrumental project - just keeping as busy as possible.

"Once we get a bit closer to normality I'm also keen to put on some events in the city with DJs and performers, providing a platform to showcase the talent we have here."

Our view

Holy Places is a great example of the wealth of talent coming out of Scotland’s next generation of stars. Highlighting both artist’s level of musicianship and versatility, Misty Galactic and Vagrant Real Estate have bright futures ahead of them.

We are extremely keen to support Aberdeen singers, songwriters, bands and producers. Check out The Lounge, a playlists with shines a spotlight on our finest musicians. We update it every Monday so check in regularly.

Holy Places is released on 23 July. You can find Holy Places on your favourite streaming site. You can also keep up to date with the latest on the Aberdeen DJ and producer on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.