Code Red by Peter Kennard

Code Red is a print installation created by Peter Kennard, showcased at The Worm Gallery in April as part of Workshops Week. Using photomontage techniques, Kennard expresses his outrage towards the climate crisis through images. He has spent more than fifty years creating protest art that is uncompromising and hard-hitting.

What is Code Red?

Code Red features the iconic photo of the planet, taken by the Apollo astronauts in 1972. Kennard cuts and tears apart, combining it with other images such as industrial chimneys, exploding oil refineries, polluted dust, gas masks, scorched earth and floods.

Dreams & Dangerous Ideas

Dreams & Dangerous Ideas is a new exhibition at The Worm Gallery that showcases the Women's Liberation Movement in Aberdeen during the 1970s and 1980s. It features archived materials, stories, and memories from activists, including Chris Aldred, Louise Irvine, Cath McKay, Margaret Lochrie, and Sandie Wyles.

The exhibition is a collaborative effort between the activists, Peacock and The Worm and the University of Aberdeen. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the struggles faced by women during that time, many of which still exist in today's society. Dreams & Dangerous Ideas hopes to unite women of all ages and create new bonds of solidarity. There will also be a series of webinars led by the activists.

The Fine Art of Printmaking

The Fine Art of Printmaking has returned to The Print Room, following a successful exhibition at Drum Castle last year. The exhibition features a diverse range of artworks created by both local and international artists who have worked at Peacock over its 48-year history. The Fine Art of Printmaking showcases the limitless possibilities of printmaking and its capacity to yield unique and original expressions.

New Aberdeen Bestiary: The Snake

As part of the evolving New Aberdeen Bestiary project, Peacock and The Worm present The Snake by Delaine Le Bas. In new Aberdeen Bestiary: The Snake Delaine Le Bas examines dominant narratives of history to figure out what lies beneath, what stories and memories make up lived experience.

Like a snake, words shed their skin as they travel across time and cultures, weaving silenced stories of prejudice, racism and violence, creating new mythologies and new monsters that reveal hidden truths.

Print Your Own Wrapping Paper

The Print Your Own Wrapping Paper workshop is your chance to add a personal flair to your gifts this year. Using pre-set images and customisable elements, participants at Peacock Visual Arts can create unique and personalised wrapping paper to delight friends and family during this festive, fun-filled experience in screen-printing.

The The Print Your Own Wrapping Paper workshops will take place on Thursday, 17 December from 10:00 to 17:00.

Peacock Members Winter Show

The Peacock Members Winter Show showcases prints created by current Peacock members. Studio memberships have just been relaunched by Peacock and this show is a celebration of that, and the hard work of those members.

Featuring works by: Ade Adesina, Abigail Beeley, Gwen Black, Jemma Chisholm, Lewis Church, Joe Coleman, Neil Corall, Niamh Coutts, Kathleen Cowie, Caitlin Dick, Struan Hamilton, Charlie Hynes, David McCracken, Clive Ramage, Jane Richardson, Claire Roberts, Lisa Ross, Carla Smith, James Vass and more.

Printmaking Sans Frontiers

Jonathan Comerford presents: Works by Hard Ground Printmakers 1989 - 2021

Peacock & the Worm hosts an exhibition of prints selected by Jonathan Comerford. In collaboration with Hard Ground Printmakers, the prints were produced between Cape Town and London. Hard Ground Printmakers was established in 1989 as an independent, open-access printmaking studio in Cape Town. Printmaking Sans Frontiers collects the works of over 30 artists who have collaborated with Jonathan over the years since the studio’s inception.

Caitlyn Holly Main | Catastrophe Soup

Caitlyn Holly Main, a working-class artist living in Aberdeen, graduated in 2015 from Gray's School of Art with a degree in printmaking. The Glasgow School of Art awarded her a master's degree in sculpture in 2018.

Catastrophe Soup is her collection of thirty short texts written over thirty days. These texts condense a vast number of concerns and images related to food, intimacy, romance, and desire in a short period of time. Fragments of sketches and drawings are woven in with the texts.

In this accompanying exhibition, mixed-media prints, writing and drawing depict small moments of tenderness and resistance. She produces work that is fragile, nervous, taut yet spindly, tender yet highly charged, documenting moments of failing touch, desire, and ghostly consumption.

Scream Printing

Get ready to add another dimension to your prints in this two-day workshop inspired by Peacock’s spookiest season of the year. The ink glows in the dark once printed, creating an eye-catching print when the lights go out.

In order to make printmaking courses accessible to as many people as possible, Peacock offers these free printmaking classes. Participants are asked to commit to attending the course 100% in order to avoid the courses being affected by no-shows.

Also happening on 29 October

New Aberdeen Bestiary - The Mare

The Mare by Pedro G. Romero, opens on Thursday 4 August at The Worm, featuring prints realised in collaboration with master printmaker Struan Hamilton. ⁠

The Mare is based on notes taken while shooting a fictional film. Traveller and Gypsy communities and individuals in Scotland are revealed through prints and texts unfolding like film reels. The exhibition examines the political and symbolic representations and productions of culture between Scotland and Spain. The New Aberdeen Bestiary is a three-year project involving seven international artists working with us on exhibitions, prints, workshops, and events.