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POST exists to share and amplify the voice of individuals and communities. Share your content, be heard, tell your story ...

At POST, our goal is simple – Together we can amplify the voice of community; to ultimately give everyone a platform to engage and tell their own stories. Whether you simply have something to share or you are a large content creator, POST exists to share stories from within our communities.

We don’t want to own your content, we want to share you content.

With our website and communities across social media, we invite you to share your content, videos, … with us where we will then share it with our wider communities.

It’s that simple.

How does it work?

Please fill out the form below and hit send. This will send details over to us and we will review and get back to you asap. Easy.

Short answer – No. We are here to share, we are not here as editors or to filter out content that we do not agree with. We may provide feedback but this will purely be supportive. If the content is appropriate (see content standards below), we will work with you to share across our channels accordingly.

Whilst POST exists to amplify the voices from within communities, we do believe in content should still be of an appropriate nature. As such, we will not publish or share content that we deem as dangerous, offensive or wildly controversial to the negative benefit of community.

This is not to remove any right over your opinion, you are welcome to share your content elsewhere. POST exists for the community and dangerous, offensive content simply does not belong here.

No. Please do not think of POST as an editorial organisation looking to pay people to generate content. We are a self-funded service designed to amplify your voice, not pay for it.

Absolutely! We are here to amplify and share and seek no exclusivity at all on the content you have created. You can share the whole story with us, an appropriate portion of it, you can link to your pages and channels. We are here to share.

Your content is YOUR content. We are not here to claim ownership of your content, we are here to amplify and share. By sharing your content with us you giver us permission to share the content across our our channels but you remain owner of your content.

Absolutely! Whilst we hope this will never happen, we realise things can change. If you decide to remove content from POST, please let us know and we will remove it accordingly.

Absolutely! All content shared will be credited accordingly. All articles have their author displayed accordingly.

No. ONLY content that we work on may be labelled as a ‘POST Original’. This is to rightly differentiate when content is created directly by/with POST or content created by community. We aren’t here to take any credit for your work, we are here to amplify it.

Absolutely! Contact us and let us know. If there’s something we can work on together, we’d love to hear form you!

If you have any questions at all, please message us.

Aberdeens BIGGEST online community, Twitter is where we keep you up to date with what is going on in Aberdeen. A mix of news, weather, updates we find, info you shared, all shared throughout the day, every day.

@AberdeenCity on Twitter

The beauty of Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire is what our Instagram is all about. We share content from around the city, from content creators near and far who share unique views and perspectives of the Aberdeen.

@postabdn on Instagram

We know your Facebook can be busy, so we share key information and updates as we see it with you on Facebook. We also love shares, so please connect and share your updates with us and we will share with everyone!

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We make original content at POST, videos from events, activities and individuals. You can find them all on our YouTube channel. Have a story or video you would like to share, let us know!

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We like boards so we've made boards containing our content and world of other collections. From art, to music, architecture and people, our Pinterest is neatly organised collections.

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Apple Music / Spotify

We have setup The Lounge to highlight some of the great new music from Aberdeen and North East artists and shine a spotlight in their direction.

Updated regularly, you can subscribe to The Lounge on Apple Music AND Spotify!