Nuart Aberdeen to turn Marischal Quad into jungle of imagination

Marischal College Quad is set to undergo a remarkable transformation during this year's Nuart Aberdeen festival. The Quad will become a captivating "jungle of colour." Hundreds of talented school kids come together to create one of the world's largest chalk murals.

Led by the city's acclaimed street artist KMG, approximately 400 primary and secondary school pupils will participate in the Chalk Don't Chalk event. Their focus will be on the theme of Rewilding. This exciting project aims to engage the community and ignite their imagination through artistic expression.

An Epicentre of Creativity

The Marischal College Quad will become the epicentre of Nuart Aberdeen's most extensive public participation event to date. It's expected to attract thousands of visitors and promises a weekend filled with family-friendly activities and artistic experiences. The Quad will come alive with a stunning mural that aims to surpass all expectations and become a noteworthy installation of Nuart Aberdeen 2023.

Renowned artist Katie Guthrie, known as KMG, is thrilled to collaborate with local children. She'll lead them in the creation of the largest-ever Chalk Don't Chalk installation. She told us, "I’m looking forward to working with some local kids to create our biggest ever Chalk Don’t Chalk installation. Unleashing the kids’ creativity to create their own characters and collaborating together to rewild Marischal College armed with chalk and our imaginations."

Nuart Aberdeen Community Endeavour

Ahead of the start of the street art festival, Katie will work closely with the participating pupils within the Quad itself. They'll explore ideas, refine suggestions, and chalk out their collective vision. The mural will gradually take shape under the guidance of KMG. It will reflect her unique artistic style intertwined with the boundless creativity of the young participants. Following the initial creation, the artwork will be opened to all kids and families during the weekend of Nuart Aberdeen. Asking everyone to contribute their artistic flair.

Chalk Don't Chalk promises an unforgettable experience for families beyond the mural creation. In addition to becoming budding artists, attendees will enjoy various activities, including face painting, glitter tattoos, and bubble fun. Nuart Aberdeen's Chalk Don't Chalk event has been a resounding success in previous years. However, 2023 is undoubtedly the most ambitious and promising yet.

Light the Blue festival to return in June

Aberdeen Performing Arts have announced the return of its youth arts festival, Light the Blue. The events take place between 10 and 18 June, with almost 30 events planned across six venues over eight days. The festival boasts its biggest-ever lineup and most ambitious programme yet.

Light the Blue caters to a wide range of ages, from 5 up to 25, with events suitable for everyone. It's a celebration of the performing arts, incorporating music, film, dance, workshops, and drama. International and world-class performers will share the stage with the best and brightest young creatives from the region.

What is Light the Blue?

Light the Blue 2023 will showcase performances and collaborations with organisations from Scotland and beyond. This includes the Traverse Theatre, Citymoves Dance Agency, Mahogany Opera, North East Scotland College, Orchard Brae School, Scottish Youth Theatre, Eden Court Youth Theatre, and many more.

The festival aims to be accessible, offering many free and pay-what-you-can events. Moreover, the festival paves the way for future youth arts projects by asking audiences to donate.

Big Gig

The highlights

The festival will kick off on Saturday, June 10, with events and performances aimed at young families. The highlight of the day will be the Pop-Up event. This takes over the Bon Accord Centre's Roof Terrace for an afternoon of free pop-up activities for young people and their families. It includes and interactive outdoor show Unicorn Dance Party, The Dab Hands. There will also be performances from Citymoves Dance Agency and Academy of Expressive Arts.

Light the Blue 2023 will culminate with two spectacular performances. First is The Magical Music of Harry Potter on Sunday 18 June. A spectacular performance by Royal Scottish National Orchestra at the Music Hall . Secondly, the festival will host a performance from the Madison Youth Choir from the USA and ACE Voices Intergenerational Choir at Queen's Cross Church.

Light the Blue promises to be an exceptional event. It provides a platform for young creatives to showcase their talents, participate in workshops and collaborate with world-class performers. It's also an opportunity for the community to come together, support the arts. It celevrates the creativity of young people in the region.


What else to expect

One of the highlights is the flagship education project by Traverse Theatre called Class Act, which challenges secondary-aged pupils to become artists and writers, creating brand-new creative work. Throughout the project, pupils from five local schools will develop scripts that will be performed on stage by an ensemble of professional theatre-makers. This is an excellent opportunity for young people to express themselves creatively and showcase their talents.

Another event to look forward to is The World Through My Eyes, a specially commissioned installation piece in collaboration with Orchard Brae School. The exhibition invites audiences to view the world through the eyes of a young person with complex needs. The project is a collaboration between visual artist Jenny Hood and drama artist Saffron Gillies. It aims to explore how we navigate the world from different perspectives.

Open Door Rehearsal

Produced by young performers

The Fuse performances are another exciting aspect of the festival, featuring four separate events showcasing participants from across Scotland, including Aberdeen Performing Arts’ Youth Theatres. The series features new and devised work produced and presented by young performers, some created with support from leading Scottish theatre company Visible Fictions. This is an excellent opportunity for young people to showcase their creativity and talent in the performing arts.

The festival also features the Snappy Operas Showcase, which is the culmination of a school engagement project. Pupils from Hanover Street, Gilcomstoun, Riverbank, and Westpark Schools will showcase performances from their ten-minute pieces. The Snappy Operas project is a school programme by Mahogany Opera that introduces primary-aged children to the essential elements of opera – singing, acting, and making – in a fun and colourful way.

Step Into the Music Industry

An exciting insight

A Step into the Music Industry is another exciting event at the festival, which provides secondary school students with an insight into the music industry. The event will begin with an interactive look at the different creative areas and subjects taught at NESCOL, providing a unique opportunity to discover and explore various aspects of the music industry. The festival culminates in a live set and Q&A from North East singer/songwriter Rhona Macfarlane.

The festival will end with a multi-artform takeover of the Music Hall, featuring pop-up performances, film screenings, dance, and music. The evening will finish with The Big Gig, featuring an evening of music and gigs from various youth groups, including Big Noise Torry, Aberdeen Jazz Youth, Scottish Tradition and Culture Youth, Aberdeen City Council Music Service, and Orchard Brae’s Makaton Choir.

Nuart Aberdeen 2023 artists announced

Oh boy, it's getting closer! In the early years of Nuart, we'd have all been heading to see a new crop of murals this past weekend. It's no surprise the team chose this time to announce the artists that will be participating in Nuart Aberdeen 2023. And it's going to be a good on with some old friends are revisiting the city alongside a fantastic fresh array of fellow world-class street artists.

From June 8th to 12th, Aberdeen will host the highly anticipated festival. It'll feature 13 world-renowned street artists invited to the city to create an exciting range of artwork, from large-scale murals to intricate installations. Nuart Aberdeen 2023 has the theme of "rewilding," promising a vibrant celebration of creativity that explores the intersection of art, culture and the natural world.

Who are the Nuart Aberdeen 2023 artists?

We've looked at the team heading to the granite city to leave their mark. Nuart Aberdeen will again feature a talented group. The line-up includes Brazilian artist Thiago Mazza, American artist Swoon, UK-based Stanley Donwood and returning favourites SNIK.

These internationally acclaimed artists will come together with 9 others from across the globe to create stunning street art murals throughout the city centre of Aberdeen. From Europe and Iran to Brazil and the USA, these 13 renowned artists will use the city's walls as a canvas to showcase their incredible talent and unique styles.

AIDA | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
AIDA | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023


A London-based printmaker and visual artist of Iranian origin, AIDA Wilde is an accomplished educator who founded the Print Is Power and Sisters in Print projects. Her studio-based serigraphs are collected worldwide and are known to push the boundaries of contemporary printmaking.

In addition to her fine art, her predominant focus lies on screen-printed installations and social commentary posters featured in cities worldwide, responding to gentrification, education, and equality. She contributed to Nuart Aberdeen's "Stuck Up" project in 2021.

Her HASHTAG series has been used in subversive projects with Brandalism in Paris and the global project Subvert The City, highlighting issues such as climate change in response to the COP21 Summit, making her a leading voice in the contemporary art world.

Eloise Gillow | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Eloise Gillow | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Eloise Gillow (UK/ES)

Gillow is a UK-based visual artist with an international reach. Her background in classical realist painting has led to her unique style that combines studio painting with public murals.

Eloise is driven by the intimate connection between her artwork and the communities in which it is displayed. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, capturing subtle gestures in body language and movement. This results in images that you can interpret on individual and collective levels.

Her work encourages reflection on the search for vitality, moments of slowing down, and a deeper connection to each other and the natural world. These themes are especially relevant in a world where fast-paced lifestyles and restrictive political and economic systems often hinder this process.

Escif | | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Escif | | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Escif (ES)

Hailing from Valencia, Escif began his street art career in the late 1990s. His work centres on redefining the city through his art, believing that life will always be more interesting than the art itself.

With a minimalist approach and precise lines and colours, his murals reflect current struggles and resistance movements. He also explores how capitalism and environmental issues plague our time. His paintings often represent subtle gestures that break through reality, reminding viewers of the beauty of the world around them.

Although much of his work is based in his hometown, Valencia, Escif has worked on numerous international projects, always fully engaging with the public and local context.

Jamie Reid | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Jamie Reid | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Jamie Reid (UK)

A British artist and political activist, Jamie Reid gained prominence at Croydon Art College when he participated in the student movement of 1968. He took part in an occupation of the college alongside Malcolm McLaren. Reid's most notable contribution to art and popular culture is his iconic album cover designs for the Sex Pistols.

Despite his early success, Reid has continued to be an active and engaged artist, using his visual talents to address social and political issues such as Occupy, Extinction Rebellion, and the Free Pussy Riot movement. His artistic journey is marked by his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries.

His distinct style of cut-up graphics and slogans, developed during his involvement in the student movement of 1968 and his co-founding of Suburban Press, remains influential and resonant in contemporary art and design.

KMG | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
KMG | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023


Returning for her second visit as an a featured artists to Nuart Aberdeen, KMG is known for her illustration, painting, and printmaking. Her art explores the mundane to the subversive and reflects a curious and often sarcastic perspective. Despite a healthy cynicism, her work is playful and raw.

Her previous Nuart Aberdeen murals include the massive Ken character at the back of Union Square and the colourfully entertaining mural on the roof of the St. Nicholas Centre.

KMG strongly believes in the power of art to bring people together and regularly works with community groups, healthcare providers, and schools to make art accessible to everyone. She uses her artistic talent to make a positive impact, encouraging others to express themselves creatively.

Monolo Mesa | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Monolo Mesa | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Manolo Mesa (ES)

Mesa is a Spanish artist who began painting graffiti with his brother in 2002. After studying Fine Arts in Seville, he created pictorial work on walls. Since then, he has lived in various cities, including Bilbao, Paris, and Perugia.

Manolo has gained international recognition for his art and has exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in major cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, New York, and Los Angeles. He has also participated in art fairs in these cities.

You can find Manolo's mural interventions in numerous countries, including Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, England, Poland, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, India, South Africa, Germany, and the United States.

Murmure | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Murmure | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Murmure (FR)

Paul Ressencourt and Simon Roché are a duo known as Murmure, who met during their studies in Fine Arts. They initially specialised in different areas of art but later discovered their mutual interest in drawing and street art. Since 2010, they have collaborated on public space interventions such as murals.

Murmure's art explores various themes, including childhood, consumer society, the environment, and new technologies. They create their work mainly with graphite pencil in the studio, developing each project before taking it to the street. The choice of wall and space is crucial to their narrative, and the interaction of the artwork with the urban environment adds an extra dimension to their pieces.

Their works can be seen in galleries and on the streets, where they constantly explore new techniques and mediums. Each artwork they create is unique, as time, weather, and also human degradation contribute to the final result.

Nespoon | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Nespoon | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Nespoon (PL)

This street artist has been working since 2009. Swoon's signature style is lace, incorporated into their work to explore harmony, balance and natural order. Social commentary is sometimes included in the artist's work, and they have created murals, canvases and installations.

Ceramic street art is a significant part of Nespoon's work, and they use lace patterns in their ceramic designs. These motifs are traditionally used to decorate dishes. But Nespoon believes they are beautiful in their own right and creates no-purpose lace objects glued onto the streets.

Nespoon's work explores the beauty and elegance of lace, highlighting its place in cultures worldwide. Through lace, their work explores themes of harmony, balance and natural order.

SNIK | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
SNIK | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023


Making their third visit to the city for Nuart Aberdeen 2023, SNIK is an internationally-acclaimed duo of artists known for their hand-cut, multilayered stencils. Their work is born from a male/female dual perspective, combining traditional craft with a progressive ethos.

In addition to their large-scale murals, SNIK has gained a reputation among urban contemporary art collectors for their smaller-scale, intricately layered stencil work. These editions, which can take up to a year to produce, showcase the duo's precise cuts and compositional thought.

SNIK's work is known for questioning and also accepting narrative, exploring themes of identity, emotion, and the human experience. Their unique approach to stencil art, combining traditional techniques with the contemporary subject matter, has earned them a significant following and acclaim in the art world.

Stanley Donwood | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Stanley Donwood | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Stanley Donwood (UK)

Donwood is a British visual artist who is best known for his work with the rock band Radiohead. He has been working with the band since 1994 and has created some of their most iconic artwork, including album covers, posters, and merchandise.

Donwood's art is known for its haunting and evocative imagery, which has helped to create the band's distinctive visual identity. In addition to his work with Radiohead, Donwood has created the official artwork for the Glastonbury Festival since 2002 and has worked on numerous other projects, including book covers and films.

He has also collaborated with author Robert Macfarlane on the book "Holloway". Donwood's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and he was featured in the 2021 JEALOUS X SAATCHI show RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

Swoon | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Swoon | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Swoon (US)

Real name Caledonia Curry, Swoon is a Brooklyn-based street artist known for her immersive installations and community-based social justice projects. She has been active for the last two decades, using realistic and fantastical elements in her artwork.

Swoon is primarily known for her street art and public installations. She creates large-scale, intricate cut-paper and woodblock prints pasted onto buildings and other structures. She creates accessible art to transport audiences while shedding light on pressing social and environmental issues.

In addition to her visual art, Swoon has explored visual storytelling through film and animation. She has created short films and animations incorporating elements of her street art and installations. This further expands the scope of her creative output.

Tamara Alves | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Tamara Alves | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Tamara Alves (PT)

Alves is a Portuguese visual artist and illustrator. She has always been interested in art that's integrated into the world and fascinated by the aesthetics and urban context of the streets, leading her to present her artwork in public spaces.

Her artistic narrative celebrates the raw and poetic vitality of sensations. Alves invites the viewers to embrace their feelings as a wild and untamed driving force, depicting love as a complex emotion encompassing pain and pleasure, tears and joy, wound and ecstasy.

Tamara Alves' work weaves together themes of instinct, emotion, and the relationship between humans and nature. Her art is evocative and thought-provoking.

Thiago Mazza | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023
Thiago Mazza | Photo supplied by Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Thiago Mazza (BR)

The final artists for Nuart Aberdeen 2023 is Thiago Mazza, a Brazilian artist and self-taught painter. He began with graffiti writing, which sparked his interest in painting walls. He has since become one of the prominent figures in Brazilian muralism.

Thiago Mazza's artwork is influenced by classical painting, street art, and contemporary art, blending these influences into a unique style. His work often involves collecting and painting local plants and bringing nature into urban environments.

Mazza's paintings create a dialogue between nature and the city. His artwork is known for its vibrant and lush depictions of tropical flora. His work also reflects a deep connection with the natural world and a passion for bringing the beauty of nature into urban spaces through his art.

Follow us for more Nuart Aberdeen 2023

Nuart Aberdeen takes place from 8-12 June 2023. As always we'll be covering this world class street art festival right here in the city. You can expect more articles, photographs and videos over the next few weeks. You can find us in the usual places.

Rise Up! returns to celebrate Black and People of Colour creatives

Rise Up!, a two-day festival celebrating Black and People of Colour creatives in Aberdeen and Scotland, will return next month. The festival takes place on 5th - 6th May. It'll be hosted at the Music Hall and The Lemon Tree and is curated by We Are Here Scotland, commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts.

Rise Up! is a celebration of unity, creativity, and expression. It promises to be a bit of a feast for the senses with an exciting program of events. The festival will showcase the talents of Black and People of Colour creatives from Scotland and beyond. The festival's events will begin with a keynote speech from Yahya Barry, a leader and consultant in culture, heritage and the creative and screen industries.

Rise Up! Festival Poster

Rise Up! features diverse performances

One of the festival's highlights is a cabaret kicking off the weekend's performances on Friday, 5th May. The event features diverse performances. These include poetry from acclaimed Scottish writer and performer Courtney Stoddart, a comedy set by the hilarious Safeena Rashid, and a dance piece by international talent Dorine Mugisha.

Rise Under debuts on Saturday, 6th May. It's a new strand of the festival aimed at 12-17-year-olds. It will include workshops exploring filmmaking, music, and screenprinting, hosted by rising Aberdeen musician Chef the Rapper, film practitioner Sara Stroud, and visual artists Caitlin Dick and Phoebe McBride. There will also be an Open Mic showcasing new talent in music, spoken word, poetry, and creative expression, hosted by Aberdeen poet and spoken word artist Mae Diansangu.

Workshops and panels

Rise Up! also offers workshops with decolonisation and pro-liberation coach Ravideep Kaur, and widely published writer Andrés N. Ordorica, who will explore the power of friendship in 'An Ode to Friendship'. The festival will host a series of panels exploring important and thought-provoking themes. This will include discussions on mental health and well-being, generational experiences, and uncomfortable conversations in safe spaces.

The festival will conclude with a night of music at The Lemon Tree, featuring pop/R&B girl group 4TUNE, singer-songwriter Rue Cooper, musician and singer Djana Gabrielle, and Aberdeen-based Iranian DJ Pooyan Saadati.

Loved Seeds

Finally, in a new initiative to support Black and People of Colour artists in Scotland, We Are Here Scotland has collaborated with Look Again to celebrate the launch of their upcoming exhibition 'Loved Seeds'. Poet Noon Eldin and artist Helen Love will host a performance combining clay, poetry, and projection to create a three-dimensional family tree of the nine children of an enslaved woman from 1832 Jamaica.

We Are Here Scotland founder and director Ica Headlam said: “I'm pleased that for another year We Are Here Scotland is working in partnership with our friends at Aberdeen Performing Arts to produce our second Rise Up Festival. Last year we were able to provide a platform for a multitude of artists and creatives from our community. And this year's festival is a continuation of everything we developed last year, whilst also highlighting the importance of providing a platform for Black and PoC artists and creatives from the North East of Scotland and further afield.”

Overall, Rise Up! sounds like it'll be even bigger and better than last year, with an exciting program of events that celebrates the creativity and diversity of Black and People of Colour creatives in Scotland and beyond.

SPECTRA 2023 - This is your complete guide

Get ready for SPECTRA 2023 folks! The multi-award-winning festival of light and sound is back! It will again bring colour and light to Aberdeen from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th February. This year, organisers have selected an epic lineup of free-to-see installations from some of the best visual artists, studios, and companies from around the world. They’ll transform the city centre with light, sound, and jaw-dropping visual art.

The festival programme has some incredible new commissions that will illuminate iconic Aberdeen landmarks in the most stunning way possible! We've put together all the information you need to know about Scotland's festival of light this year. Furthermore, we'll keep this page updated as we approach the big weekend, so keep it bookmarked.

SPECTRA 2023 finds 'Home' at Union Terrace Gardens

SPECTRA is returning to Union Terrace Gardens for the first time since 2018 and will be one of the first major events to take place in the revamped historic public space. Expect a spectacular program of installations and artworks that will blow your mind. Inspired by the theme of ‘Home’, the festival will light up Aberdeen’s winter nights for everyone to enjoy.

Andy Brydon, Director of Curated Place said: "Spectra is always a winter highlight in Aberdeen, and we're beyond thrilled to be announcing this programme for 2023. It's packed with extraordinary work from some truly astounding artists and creatives.”

PULSE by This Is Loop - Manipulating scale and perception

One of the program’s highlights will be the first Scottish appearance of Fantastic Planet, created by the Australian group Parer Studio. It will feature towering humanoid figures descending upon different city-centre locations, including Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen Art Gallery, and Marischal College. These gargantuan visitors have travelled from afar to explore the city. At a time when the world’s resources are being depleted and the future seems uncertain, these visitors will playfully encourage you to imagine a better future for your own planet.

PULSE by This Is Loop

Broad Street

This is loop will transform Broad Street with Pulse, a 45-meter-long light sculpture created by the Bristol-based team This Is Loop. Pulse is a large-scale mirrored sculpture that manipulates scale and perception. The sculpture features 12 giant mirror-covered hoops arranged in a winding tunnel shape. It'll create a contemplative space for visitors of all ages to enjoy day and night.

ILLUMAPHONIUM by Illumaphonium - Bringing people together

ILLUMAPHONIUM by Illumaphonium

Union Terrace Gardens

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience with Illumaphonium. This giant instrument is all about bringing people together for a fun and spontaneous outdoor music-making session. Packed with over 200 illuminated chime bars, so you can make beautiful sounds when you interact with it. A real feast for the eyes and ears!


His Majesty's Theatre

At His Majesty’s Theatre, you'll find The Waxwing Wanes, created by the incredibly talented projection art specialists Illuminos. The lights react to a brand-new composition by the brilliant composer and harpist Ailie Robertson. And so the piece will take you on a journey, musing on our changing climate, as it follows the ebbs and flows of nature.

FANTASTIC PLANET by Parer Studio - Journeyed from faraway lands to SPECTRA 2023


Across the City Centre

A radiant large-scale public installation, Fantastic Planet is crafted by the Australian artist Amanda Parer, the mastermind behind Parer Studio. It illuminates the night sky with its giant humanoids. These brilliant beings have journeyed from faraway lands and now grace us with their presence as they embark on a new adventure here in Aberdeen for the very first time.

NATURE NOCTURNAL by Lantern Company

Union Terrace Gardens

Lantern Company will transform Union Terrace Gardens by adding two stunning nature-inspired installations. Nature Nocturnal will bring the slopes of Union Terrace Gardens to life with mesmerising illuminated plants, insects, and wildlife. You can also take a magical lantern walk through a radiant kaleidoscope of colours. Experience the nocturnal natural world in a whole new way.

LUMINOSI TREES by Sound Intervention - An immersive and peaceful experience

LUMINOSI TREES by Sound Intervention

Union Terrace Gardens

Sound Intervention's Luminosi Trees, towering structures resembling giant jellyfish, will provide an immersive and peaceful experience in the centre of the Gardens. These six-meter-high structures are equipped with thousands of sound-responsive LEDs that change colours and patterns in response to a Fibonacci-inspired soundscape, ensuring a unique experience every time you visit.


Across the City Centre

The SPECTRA 2023 program features live performances, including a premiere of a new outdoor piece by the Fusion Youth Dance Company of Aberdeen. Choreographed by Scottish dance artist Steven Martin, the performance will take place in the Marischal College Quad. It will also respond to the visually striking Fantastic Planet installation on display during the festival.

CIRCA by Limbic Cinema - Get ready to have your mind blown

CIRCA by Limbic Cinema

Union Terrace Gardens

Get ready to have your mind blown by Limbic Cinema's Circa. This light sculpture is all about exploring our circadian rhythms and the beauty of light in different seasons. It's a spectacular piece that the artists built around the seasonal light levels in Aberdeen. It features 12 light fixtures that represent the average light fall over one month of the year in the city.

Think of it as a 3D clock that reflects the light and dark cycles of the city, set to a mesmerising sound design by Joe Acheson of Hidden Orchestra.

HOME FRONTS by Vincent James

Union Terrace Gardens

Meanwhile, Visible Voices, an animated projection created by visual artist and animator Vincent James working with local young people, infuses everyday objects with a twist of the surreal and will appear in the archways by Union Terrace Gardens.
PROJECTOR BIKES by Sound Intervention - Touring the city for SPECTRA 2023

PROJECTOR BIKES by Sound Intervention

Across the City Centre

Sound Intervention will be bringing their Projector Bikes to different locations in the city. These electric trikes have been transformed into mobile cinemas and can travel around improvising and interacting with audiences. The bikes are off-grid and feature audio and visual projections of digital animations inspired by Aberdeen and the theme of 'Home'.

NØKKEN by Illuminos

Marischal College

Illuminos created a new sculpture, Nøkken, for the front of Marischal College. The sculpture is based on the Kelpie, a shape-shifting freshwater spirit from the folklore of Scotland and the Nordics. Furthermore, the sculpture is meant to echo the perspective-shifting effect of the nearby Fantastic Planet artwork.

Pauline Cordiner - Old and new tales from Aberdeen and beyond for SPECTRA 2023
Pauline Cordiner - Old and new tales from Aberdeen and beyond

STORYTELLING with Pauline Cordiner & Lindsey Gibb

Storytelling Tent

Pauline Cordiner and Lindsey Gibb will host storytelling at Broad Street. They'll tell stories in English, Scots, and Doric for all ages. Expect both old and new tales from Aberdeen and beyond, encouraging you to reflect on the concept of home.


Marischal Square

Finally, Ulianka is a world-renowned face painter known for her innovative designs. She'll help you select the perfect design and create stunning UV light-activated artwork for your kids' faces. And adults are also welcome to participate in the fun too!

PULSE by This Is Loop - Manipulating scale and perception

SPECTRA 2023 - What you need to know

SPECTRA 2023 is a free light festival. It takes place over three days from 9-12 Feb 2023. It will be held at various venues across Aberdeen City Centre, including Broad Street, Union Terrace Gardens, Marischal College Quad and His Majesty's Theatre.

Please visit the SPECTRA website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for the very latest news.

Granite Noir returns this February

Calling all crime fiction fans! Get ready to delve into a world of murder, mystery, and intrigue. Granite Noir, Aberdeen's premier crime writing festival, returns next month with a jam-packed lineup. This year, the festival is taking on a distinctly Gothic feel. It will feature appearances from bestselling authors like Val McDermid, Charlie Higson, and Louise Welsh.

Running from February 23-26, Granite Noir will be taking over venues across the city. These include the Aberdeen Arts Centre, St Nicholas Kirk, the Music Hall, and the Lemon Tree. The festival will kick off on Thursday the 23rd with a headline performance at the Lemon Tree from the Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers. This group of author-come-rock stars includes Val McDermid, Mark Billingham, Stuart Neville, Doug Johnstone, Luca Veste, and Chris Brookmyre. They'll be rocking the night away with some dark and criminal tunes. So grab your friends and prepare to let your hair down to some murderously good music.

A silhouetted and reflected Aberdeen skyline with the text "Case Reopening"
Granite Noir 2023 - Case Reopening

Queen of Scottish Crime herself, Val McDermid, is taking the stage at the Music Hall on Friday the 24th and it's going to be an event you won't want to miss! She'll be discussing her triumphant 1989, which was named on the First Minister’s best books of 2022 list.

Charlie Higsons uniquely brilliant voice

But that's not all, Fast Show star and bestselling author Charlie Higson is also making an appearance to introduce his new novel, Whatever Gets You Through the Night, with his uniquely brilliant voice. Plus, Louise Welsh and Alan Riach are diving into the rich world of Tartan Noir and exploring the history of the genre from Stevenson and Hogg to McIlvanney and Tey, all the way to today's successful writers.

And speaking of today's successful writers, Chris Brookmyre, Denzil Meyrick, and Doug Johnstone will be there to introduce their new books and share their secrets, short stories, and more in their inimitable styles.

But Granite Noir isn't just about the big-name author appearances. Throughout the festival, there will be a wide range of events, including gripping author talks, captivating exhibitions, and fascinating workshops. And for those who can't make it to Aberdeen, selected events will be streamed live online. So you can join in the fun from anywhere in the world.

Granite Noir 2023: thrills and surprises along the way

Granite Noir is produced by Aberdeen Performing Arts on behalf of partners Aberdeen City Libraries and Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Archives. Aberdeen Performing Arts' Ben Torrie, said “Granite Noir 2023 will be full of the drama, mystery, music and, of course, cocktails that audiences have come to expect from the festival, as well as plenty thrills and surprises along the way.”

Now in its seventh year, Granite Noir has established itself as a must-attend event for anyone who loves crime fiction. With its focus on Aberdeen's rich history, atmosphere, and sense of place, the festival offers a unique opportunity to get a taste of what makes the city so special. Don't miss out on the chance to meet your favorite authors, discover new writers, and be enthralled by all things criminal. Get your tickets now for the festival that promises to be dark, mysterious and unmissable!

Aberdeen International Comedy Festival | Your Guide

Aberdeen International Comedy Festival returns to the granite city this week with a riotous line-up of gut-busting comics. The festival runs from 6-16 October and takes place at multiple venues across the city centre.

Rising talent on the Scottish comedy scene will rub shoulders with international stars fresh from the Fringe and several comedy legends, this year's lineup has something for everyone.

As you can expect from the team at POST, we've put together a guide to the 2022 festival. We'll add to it over the weeks approaching AICF, so do check back.

On Thursday 6 October, David O'Doherty will open the festival at the city's iconic Tivoli Theatre for two nights. Among the things he'll bring with him are loads of chat, some apologies, and some songs played on '80s plastic keyboards glued together.

Magic Gareth | Aberdeen International Comedy Festival

Also headlining during the opening weekend is Phoenix Nights favourite Justin Moorhouse with his new routine, Stretch & Think. He'll appear at Aberdeen Douglas Hotel on Sunday 9th October. This show sees Justin exploring ideas around yoga, running, middle-aged cyclists and his love-hate relationship with football. Having last appeared at the festival in 2017 he told us “Aberdeen is my favourite new city. After only coming for the first time in the last few years I’ve fallen in love with it. Its people, its spirit and its massive seagulls. Too much? Maybe. Need to flog some tickets though."

Joining headliners already on sale, like the deadpan master of satire Jack Dee, Netflix sensation Daniel Sloss, centre lefty and newly single Hal Cruttenden and Britain's Got Talent winner Daliso Chaponda, the latest shows announced include a host of Scottish performers.

Scottish Comedian of the Year

Some of the hottest tickets will be for Stuart McPherson (Siberia, 16 Oct), who’s bringing his acclaimed 2022 Fringe show The Peesh to the festival and youthful Glaswegian Liam Farrelly (Under the Hammer, 9 Oct) with his highly anticipated Fringe debut show, God's Brother-In-Law. Winner of Scottish Comedian of the Year in December 2021 Liam is said to be leading the way for a new wave of Scottish stand-ups and is set to win audiences over with his appealing wit and charm.

Drag makes its festival debut with What a Gag! (Aberdeen Art Centre, 7 Oct) from Slay Presents. The show features some of the nation's best-loved drag artists. The programme also includes a host of family shows, comedy movies at the Belmont Filmhouse, and musical comedy and improvised acts.

Jo Jo Sutherland - Aberdeen International Comedy Festival

New city centre venues hosting shows for the first time include The Priory on Belmont Street where MC Hammersmith (11 Oct) will deliver his hilarious improvised raps and Union Kirk who will showcase two exclusive festival shows titled Supernova (8 Oct) featuring rising star Connor Burns, the whimsical Gareth Waugh and JoJo Sutherland, the teller of many a saucy story.

Then, on the following night, (9 Oct) the Supernova line-up includes 2021's Scottish Comedian of the Year Award-winner Liam Farrelly, Scot Squad’s Chris Forbes and the delightfully crude Kai Humphries (a Geordie, but an honorary Scot) on the bill.

"Biggest, funniest and best festival yet"

Commenting on this year’s festival Shona Byrne, the festival manager told us “It is hugely exciting to announce the full line-up for what truly will be our biggest, funniest and best festival yet. Whether you’re considering catching some live stand-up for the first time or are a comedy stalwart keen to enjoy the next big thing, then Aberdeen truly is the best place to be this October.

The festival has secured funding and sponsorship from Event Scotland and radio station Original 106 for the first time. It will encourage and attract an audience from the wider region and beyond into the city for the 11-day event.

Liam Farrelly | Aberdeen International Comedy Festival

Local charity Mental Health Aberdeen has been named the official charity partner for the second time running giving them a presence across all the shows during the festival providing an opportunity to raise awareness and much-needed funds.

Commenting on the partnership Graeme Kinghorn, Chief Executive said “MHA are doubly delighted to again be the official charity partner for this year's Aberdeen International Comedy Festival. Laughter does you good, is a bona fide proven form of stress relief and personally, I can't wait to see as many of the acts as possible."

The festival will close in Impossible style with the glorious fast, funny, and absurd Milton Jones bringing down the house at the Music Hall on Sunday 16 October. Organiser Aberdeen Inspired expect that its return will see audiences flock to the city centre in their thousands to enjoy the blisteringly funny line-up of comedy that the granite city will showcase over its 11-day run.

Who can you see at this year's Aberdeen International Comedy Festival?

The stars really are coming out for AICF in 2022. It's an exciting lineup. Legendary Irish comedian David O'Doherty and satirist Jack Dee are among the headliners. Also among them, Britain’s Got Talent winner Daliso Chaponda heads to Aberdeen, and of course, the hilarious Milton Jones. And Daniel Sloss, the star of Netflix's "Dark" will make his AICF debut with newly single Hal Cruttenden.

But there are also a whole host of up-and-coming comedians that you'll not want to miss. These are the funny folk that you'll be able to say "I was there before they hit the big time"

Let's go through the roster and tell you about your new favourite stand-up.

Jack Dee | Aberdeen International Comedy Festival
Krystal Evans | Aberdeen International Comedy Festival
Stuart McPherson | Aberdeen International Comedy Festival
Daliso Chaponda | Aberdeen International Comedy Festival
Kai Humphreys | Aberdeen International Comedy Festival

How to get to the venues

First Bus have put together a hand map of all the venues, along with the bus routes to get you there. As sponsors, First Bus will email ticket holders with a special offer a few days before the comedy festival kicks off. All the venues are in the city centre, so it's convenient to get between them under your own steam.

If you can...leave your car at home

How do I keep up to date?

You can find out more details about Aberdeen International Comedy Festival from the Aberdeen Inspired website, as well as the AICF Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

True North to soundtrack the city

The True North music festival returns to Aberdeen this weekend from Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 September. Django Django, Scottish alt-rockers Travis, soul superstar Mica Paris, and world music legend Nitin Sawhney are among the acts playing.

With this year's festival celebrating its eighth anniversary, city venues will include the Music Hall and Lemon Tree. True North will also take over the spectacular pop-up venue Wonder Hoose. Furthermore, there's a Fringe program with free festival performances at SiberiaWaterstones, and the Music Hall's Coda Café.

Throughout September, Wonder Hoose has been running in the stunning surroundings of Marischal College's Quadrangle. The venue will host the opening act of this year's True North festival, local up-and-comer AiiTee, along with Emma PollockStina Marie Claire, and Michael Timmons.

Travis will play the Music Hall on Saturday, 24 September performing classic album The Invisible Band in full. They'll also play their other greatest hits. Upon its release in 2001, The Invisible Band spent four weeks at number one in the UK album charts. It is certified four-times Platinum. The album was produced by Nigel Godrich He is also known for his work with Radiohead as well as producing Travis’ nine-time Platinum album The Man Who.

Los Bitchos | True North
Los Bitchos | True North

A True North tribute to Aretha Franklyn

Mica Paris will be joined by Aberdeen’s own international singing sensation Emeli Sande, celebrated jazz singer Georgia Cecile and other special guests at the Music Hall on Sunday, 25 September for a stunning celebration of the music of the legendary Aretha Franklin.

Internationally renowned composer Nitin Sawhney takes to the Music Hall stage on Friday, 23 September. Described as one the most distinctive and versatile musical voices around today, Sawhney has become a modern-day ‘Renaissance man’ in the worlds of music, film, videogames, dance and theatre. He has over 20 studio albums to his name. These include solo albums, film soundtracks and compilations. Sawhney also has over 50 film scores! He has received a substantial wealth of major national and international awards for his work.

Nitin Sawhney | True North
Nitin Sawhney | True North

A diverse exciting line-up

Aberdeen Performing Arts' Ben Torrie said that True North has always been a fantastic opportunity to celebrate great music. "This year is no exception with world renowned artists like Nitin Sawhney, Travis, Mica Paris and Emeli Sande sharing the bill with some of Scotland's brightest new talent.

“It’s a really diverse, exciting line up, and our beautiful pop-up venue Wonder Hoose, which has been open throughout September, has warmed us up nicely for the festival this weekend. “It’s a chance to have a great night out, enjoy your favourite music, discover amazing new artists and let us entertain you this weekend.”

The line-up also includes alt-rock favourites Django Django, latino outfit Los Bitchos and the exuberant African Groove Machine at the Lemon Tree, and joining AiiTee on the Wonder Hoose line up over the weekend will be Emma Pollock, Honeyblood’s Stina Marie Claire and Michael Timmons as well as interactive family shows from CBeebie’s favourite YolanDa’s Band Jam and Sprog Rock.

Travis | The Invisible Band in Concert

True North's free fringe programme

The Fringe programme, taking place across venues including the Music Hall’s Coda Café, Waterstones and Siberia, features a line up of some of Scotland’s brightest talents. This includes Callum Gibson, Nani, Nikhita, Adam Thom and Michael Timmons.

Full details for True North Festival are available at Tickets are on sale now. They are available from

True North 2022 Line Up

Meet the team who keep the WayWORD Festival on course

The WayWORD Festival returns for its third outing next week, hosted by the University of Aberdeen. The student and volunteer-led literary festival runs from 20 - 25 September. And for the first time, most events will be held in person.

WayWORD will feature workshops, author events, book launches, panel discussions and performance nights. And keeping it accessible, a BSL interpreter will be available at all performances, and online performances will be captioned.

There are several big names to look out for this year. These include Monica Ali, Raymond Antrobus, Christopher Brookmyre, Jenny Colgan and Bee Asha Singh, Alan Spence, Booker Prize-winner Douglas Stuart, Nan Sheperd and Esther Woolfson and more.

We spoke to team members, Kirsty, Elisa and Stacey about the festival and who they are looking forward to seeing this year.

WayWORD committee member, Stacey

Let's start out by telling us a little about each of you

Kirsty: I studied MA English and Scottish Literature and MLitt Creative writing at UoA and started as a student committee member in 2020 but have since been employed by the WORD Centre for Creative Writing assisting in the devising and delivering of events, including WayWORD.

Elisa: I am a fourth-year student in English with Creative Writing at UoA. This is my first year being part of the WayWORD’s student committee. So I am using my creativity and determination to help with the organisation of events. That can be by giving new ideas to develop and spread the WORD, but also by designing graphics to promote every event online. I will be chairing the live-streamed conversation with Maya MacGregor at Hazlehead Academy on Thursday 22nd September, 1:00 pm - 2:45 pm.

Stacey: I am a former student of North East Scotland College and I’ve done courses in Media & Communications as well as Technologies in Business. I am a committee member of this year’s WayWORD festival. This means I have been planning my own event as well as promoting a range of events and the festival in general. I will be co-chairing an online event, Discussion: Gaming as a Narrative Art Form, on Saturday 24th September 10:30 am - 12 pm.

2020 was a pretty wild time to start a festival. How did it come about, and how did plans change to accommodate the covid pandemic?

Kirsty: We started planning in 2019, so we were already 5 months deep by the time covid was on anyone’s minds! On so many occasions we were faced with difficult decisions, from moving workshops online to potentially postponing the entire festival!

In the end, we stuck with our original dates and embraced the power of zoom, which was a wholly different vision from the brainstorming in 2019.

WayWORD committee member, Kirsty

There's an increased community and school programme attached to this year's festival. What can folk expect from that?

Kirsty: We are all about community and have spent several months in Hazlehead Academy working with pupils to create these events.

We never anticipated how innovative and ambitious these groups would be. They approached each task with so much thought and took their events very seriously. They considered the impact on the audience and the impact on the wider community. How much it would cost; logistics; potential guest speakers; impact on diversity and inclusion.

Elisa: Creativity, diversity, and inclusion, as Kirsty rightly pointed out, but I would also add humility.

It was absolutely wonderful to see the young people of Hazlehead Academy organising the events not thinking about themselves and about who they would like to see and what they would like to do. Instead they worked on what their audience would love. I believe that is something very rare today. To put others first instead of yourself, not be too egotistical. And these teens really did that well.

Their thinking was broad and thorough. And some of them who were very shy overcame that. They can be very proud of what they did, and I am sure our guests and participants will feel how much fun they had helping us with the festival.

WayWORD committee member, Elisa

You'll be seeing a lot more people in person this year, what extra challenges does that bring?

Kirsty: There is the added challenge of travel and accommodation logistics which we have only done on a much smaller scale but it is now nearly the entire programme!

Elisa: To do as well as last year? No, seriously, we have to think a lot about attracting people and making the trip to in-person events worth their time, which is not always an easy thing. But to be utterly honest with you, I think seeing more people brings much more excitement than challenges on the team!

Stacey: With previous festivals being held fully online in 2020 and semi-online in 2021, it will be interesting to see how 2022’s festival will come together with more events in person than online. The building will be quite busy with guests, audience members, team members, and volunteers so it may be a challenge to manage a lot of people and make sure everybody knows what they are doing.

Christopher Brookmyre

Building a festival like this takes a great deal of work and organisation. How does the university provide additional support?

Kirsty: We are partly funded by the University and have access to some of their support teams, such as Media Services, Marketing, and Estates, who all help to make things happen on the ground, and catering who will be providing a food shack this year.

WayWORD is run by The WORD Centre for Creative Writing. Its part of the School of Language, Literature, Music, and Visual Culture. So we have access to some of their resources such as the venue, King’s Pavilion. Staff from across the university offer to mentor the students who organise the festival. And many academic staff help to pitch ideas, contact speakers, and chair events as well.

Our Creative Director Dr Helen Lynch wears many hats and pulls together all the different strands of the university support. It is a real team effort between WayWORD staff, wider University Staff, and the students.

Jenny Colgan

The whole festival is programmed by students and young people. Why was this important for the WayWORD Festival, and what benefits does that benefit those who volunteer?

Elisa: More than being a youth-led festival, I believe WayWORD invites different generations of people to exchange and broaden everybody’s artistic views.

Students get the opportunity to learn about new things, just like professors and adults that help them. It is a constant act of sharing. That’s what made me embark on the journey and join this third iteration.

I am a very introverted and anxious person, and as I am not a native speaker. I don’t have much confidence in speaking with local people. But I love sharing about books and art in general. So volunteering in WayWORD really pushed my boundaries. It helped me find people with shared interests that were eager to listen to my broken English.

Stacey: It is beneficial having the festival programmed by students and young people because they know what kinds of topics younger people are interested in and to engage them to come and check out what’s on offer at the festival.

As the only college student on the committee who has never studied at university I felt scared being in an environment I know very little about. I worried that I wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the group. But that fear soon disappeared when everyone was so kind and welcoming to me.

Being on the committee has helped me to come out of my shell more and developed my confidence. I definitely don’t regret signing up!

Monica Ali

What events are each of you particularly looking forward to at the WayWORD Festival this year?

Stacey - Performing Identities, North East Writers and Chamber Music Scotland, Fan Fiction Panel.

Elisa - Maya MacGregor, Tattered Memory: Memoir with Timothy C. Baker & Helen Taylor, Rachelle Atalla, C. J. Cooke.

Naomi - Tattered Memory: Memoir with Timothy C. Baker & Helen Taylor, North East Writers and Chamber Music Scotland, Raymond Antrobus.

Kirsty - Michael Pedersen, Scottish Contemporary Drama: Debbie Hanan in conversation with Lucy Hinnie, Padraig Regan & Naush Sabah.

Find out more about the WayWORD Festival

Thank you so much to Kirsty, Stacey and Elisa for taking the time to talk to us. You can get more info about this year's WayWORD Festival, and all the guests at

Although all events are free, ticket booking is required. Book now to avoid disappointment.

TEDxAberdeen 2022 | Everything you need to know

Following a successful event last year, Aberdeen Arts Centre will host TEDxAberdeen for its second event on Saturday 12 November. It will be a day of sharing interpretations of TEDxAberdeen's theme of "movement." A wide range of topics will be discussed, including social acceptance, racism, language preservation, and resistance to change. In addition, they will look at rethinking values and societal conditioning.

TEDxAberdeen has announced that ticket applications for this year are now open. People who would like to attend are now invited to apply for tickets for the one-day event on 12 November 2022 at Aberdeen Arts Centre. The application window closes on Monday 10 October.

TEDx Aberdeen event at Aberdeen Art Centre Picture by Michal Wachucik/Abermedia

TEDxAberdeen's head, Moray Barber, said that selecting candidates to speak this year was a very challenging task. He said that it “demonstrates the northeast of Scotland is full of thought-provoking ideas and talented speakers.

“Our speakers impressed us with their unique takes on movement - moving beyond, moving minds, and moving bodies - we can’t wait to see how they refine and hone their ideas.”

TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged. Today it covers almost every topic you can imagine in more than 100 languages. The TEDx program is a self-organised series of events that offer attendees a TED-like experience at a local level.

Ten speakers have been handpicked to speak on the famous red dot in Aberdeen this year.

Dr Aileen Alexander | TEDx Aberdeen 2022 Speaker
Dr Aileen Alexander | TEDx Aberdeen 2022 Speaker

Dr Aileen Alexander

Talk Title: The Benefits of Movement

Why as a nation are we more sedentary than ever and how is this impacting our mental and physical health and wellbeing?

Aileen will delve into the benefits of exercise at an individual and a global level addressing some of the reasons why we don’t exercise as much as we should.

Eric Doyle | TEDxAberdeen 2022 Speaker
Eric Doyle | TEDxAberdeen 2022 Speaker

Eric Doyle

Talk Title: Passion will get you moving, passion with strategy and community will get you further…

Eric will share his experience of embarking on a gruelling challenge event, fuelled by the emotion of a conversation with a friend who sadly lost his life. During the event he quickly got into serious trouble and couldn’t complete the challenge. A few years later Eric, decided to do it again with a completely different approach and mindset.

Katie Forbes | TEDxAberdeen Speaker
Katie Forbes | TEDxAberdeen Speaker

Katie Forbes

Talk Title: Autism is a difference, not a disorder

Katie is an autistic marketing professional specialising in digital and social media based in Aberdeen. Katie’s talk discusses the detrimental impact of healthcare professionals and the media portraying autism as a disorder; something that needs to be fixed or cured. She will invite the audience to look beyond this terminology and see autism for what it is, simply a difference. Not bad, nor less - just different.

Fraser Hay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 Speaker
Fraser Hay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 Speaker

Fraser Hay

Talk Title: From Human Being to Human Becoming

Entrepreneur and business coach Fraser will talk about how the events of the last couple of years have caused many people to stagnate. As a result of many industries collapsing, businesses closing their doors, and many individuals being laid off, paid off, or made redundant, thousands have found themselves at a crossroads.

Fraser will share a powerful four step process with specific examples from his life when he had stagnated and was faced with considerable challenges, and the results he was able to achieve in applying the process to his next stage of growth.

Lauren Hay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Lauren Hay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Lauren Hay

Talk Title: Speak Properly: Is Doric Dying?

Cullen born quine, Lauren will share her concerns about the growing disconnection from our North-east dialect doric.

“Doric is at risk of extinction as we are shackled to scrolling on screens and have less and less conversations in ‘real life’ and this is where Doric exists – in the communities around us. It is not a language that we read nor write very often but we speak it every day. The less we speak and more we scroll the more disconnected from Doric we become.” explains Lauren.

Lyly Lepinay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Lyly Lepinay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Lyly Lepinay

Talk Title: Beyond the Chinese Takeaway

Buckie born marketing specialist and creative writer, Lyly, will give us a taster of life beyond the Chinese takeaway.

Lyly says: “Often when we think of the Chinese community in the UK, the first thing that comes to mind is the takeaway or buffet restaurants. There’s little the average person knows about the community other than their own Chinese takeaway order. This comes as no surprise as our community is often invisible in mainstream media despite being the third biggest ethnic minority group in Scotland.”

Zoe Morrison | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Zoe Morrison | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Zoe Morrison

Talk Title: Why we say people don’t like change

Robert Gordon University Professor Zoe says: ‘I’m excited to talk about why we say that people do not like change. All too easily we use this statement as an excuse, identifying other people as the reason for lack of movement. But how valid and engaging are our ideas to initiate change?

She adds: “I'm looking forward to exploding the myths about change and explaining the potential impact if we stopped telling ourselves that people don't like change.”

Del Redvers | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Del Redvers | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Del Redvers

Talk Title: How your hypocrisy can help to save humanity

Corporate affairs director and environmental charity chair Del will challenge our thoughts about hypocrisy and how being a hypocrite is not only okay, it can enable positive change.

Del explains: “To address the biggest challenges humanity faces we must move quickly through social and behavioural transitions. In these transitions there are gaps between what we say and what we do, where our hypocrisy is evident.

“Hiding our hypocrisy as a vulnerability or a failing slows our progress. Instead, we can acknowledge and own it, using the tension it creates to draw us to a better future.”

Sarah Rochester | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Sarah Rochester | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Sarah Rochester

Talk Title: We don’t need a reason

Communications manager Sarah will share her experience of the decision to stop drinking.

Sarah says: “When I stopped drinking, I felt constantly anxious because I didn’t have a ‘reason’. I didn’t have a rock bottom moment and therefore I didn’t have an answer to the question ‘why?’. Until I realised that wanting to was enough on its own. I hope to be part of a change in the conversation around alcohol, to help people see they don’t need a reason.”

Alex Whyte | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Alex Whyte | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Alex Whyte

Talk Title: The Career Mother Gear

Alex’s talk centres around her experience of pursuing her career while also entering motherhood. Alex explains: “This period has been the hardest and fastest pace of life I have ever experienced. A pace I didn’t know I had in me until I was faced with the prospect of failure in one or the other.”

Completing the line-up is Martin Robertson. Martin will share his views on how to live a full life with dementia and why society should not write dementia sufferers off.

TEDxAberdeen 2022 | A diverse and eclectic group of speakers

Program Curator Derrick Thomson adds: “We have a diverse and eclectic group of speakers who will now embark on an 18-week coaching process to craft their ideas ready for the event in November.

“This is the exciting part; taking the speaker’s raw concept and working them to create an idea worth spreading. I am really looking forward to supporting the speakers as they prepare for their moment in the red dot - we’re co-creating an engaging and inspiring event for our community.”

For more information about TEDxAberdeen visit their home page.