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Podcasts are a fantastic way of hearing the voices, stories, and opinions of people around the world. But hearing from your own community can be just as inspiring. Whether it's the record store, foodie, football fans or creatives in your area, you'll soon discover something new and inspiring amongst these Aberdeen podcasts.

In order to make it easier to find these local sounds, we've compiled a list of podcasts from Aberdeen presenters. All of these Aberdeen podcasts can be found by searching in your favourite podcast player or even by playing right here on this page.

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Aberdeen Podcasts | Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

Creative Me Podcast

Running for over 5 years, Creative Me Podcast is a show about art, culture, and all the other kinds of creativity happening in North Eastern Scotland. In each episode of the podcast, Ica Headlam talks with an individual or group about how their creative practice is influenced and inspired. In addition, Ica discusses what they hope to achieve through their work.


Harbour Voices

Harbour Voices presents a series of true stories that highlight people's lives and livelihoods in Aberdeen's harbour areas. Every bite-sized episode features the host talking to a guest about what Aberdeen harbour and its communities mean to them. This podcast is a fascinating insight into people's lives.


Four Idle Hands

Four Idle hands features regular interviews with big names that include Public Service Broadcasting, Twilight Sad, Little Kicks, Capollos, Kraftwerk, and many more. Hosts Terry and Michael blether about their favourite albums of the week, local gigs and festivals, and even what's happening in the news.


Dishing' It

Listeners to Dishing' It will find plenty of inspiration for the best places to eat, drink, stay, and explore in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, and beyond with Dishin' It. Colin - The Food Hoover - gets up close and personal with businesses, writers, and content creators to discuss all things food.


Gather Round Podcast

Gather Round Podcast shares stories from Aberdeen Archives, Gallery, and Museums. Each month, they interview members of the team about the collection, special exhibitions, and local history. Even when they are dark and dramatic, the stories are always entertaining and informative.


The ABZ Football Podcast

The ABZ Football Podcast is a weekly deep-dive into all things Aberdeen FC. It features reviews of the weekend's games and previews of first-team and women’s team fixtures in the week ahead. Expect a heady mix of exclusive interviews, content, watch-alongs and much more.


Aberdeen Vinyl Records Podcast

Aberdeen Vinyl Records Podcast is for everyone who shares their passion for music and vinyl records. Each episode has a guest from the music or entertainment business who has stories to tell about their love of music and records. The plan is to have a bit of a laugh and chat about music and records.


ADHD as Females

ADHD As Females is presented by two women who are ADHD AF! Neurodivergent neighbours, Dawn and Laura, both at different stages in the diagnosis process, get their heads around what’s been going on in their heads undetected. With cameos from special guests in each episode, the presenters dive into another aspect of ADHD.


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Dreaming of a Green and Granite Mile

Union Street pedestrianisation feels like an endless battle. Some people think it is the only way forward for our city centre, while others think it would be the death knell of the Granite Mile. The team here at POST would love to see a green and granite mile.

Councillors have been using it as a political football. Either screaming that it would disadvantage the elderly or people with disabilities or claiming that they did everything in their power to get it done (but waited until the last few days before they were voted out of power).

So why do we think it needs to happen?

Stop fighting against progress

The high street is dying. It’s happening all across the UK, not just in Aberdeen. People are choosing to shop in shopping centres or online. Nobody is at fault for this. People just have busy lives and convenience will almost always win.

That battle is lost, so let's stop fighting against it. What do we do instead? We create spaces for people.

In Aberdeen, we have an opportunity to change the city centre from a four-lane road into a street-level, urban park. A green and granite mile. Somewhere that people can meet before heading off shopping. Somewhere to stop and listen to buskers while grabbing a coffee and lunch from a food truck, bar or café

Could this be part of the green and granite mile?

A green and granite space that would link up with the refurbished Union Terrace Gardens and give us a city centre that we can all be proud of. Some have spoken of putting a roof over the top to keep the weather at bay. Why the hell not? Add into that good environmentally friendly lighting so the fun doesn’t stop at sunset.

We need to stop chasing big chains and start supporting and encouraging our many exciting local small businesses to take the next step into the high street. There are so many here in the city that feels locked out right now.

A space for people - the green and granite mile

But if we build a proper space for people, a space where people actually want to visit, then the business will return to fill the void that is there now. Because why wouldn’t they want a piece of that action?

And yes, we do need to make this new space inclusive. People should have as much access to a pedestrianised Union Street as they do any park in the city. Nearby bus stops and accessible pathways are extremely important.

While we’re at it, let's build a proper cycle network around the city so people can get into town cleanly and safely. And maybe change one of those car parks into a safe and secure bike park?

We just need some imagination courage and determination to make the change…or we’ll be sitting reading another tweet storm like this in ten years and pointing fingers about who’s to blame for yet another dead city centre street. It doesn’t need to be like this.

Let's push to make Aberdeen amazing, and stop using our energy to find reasons to sit on our hands and do nothing. Let's build the green and granite mile.

This post was originally a Twitter thread that, let's be honest, got too long and cumbersome.


Update: 21 Nov 2022

Since we posted this, we saw this fantastic TED Talk from Amanda Burden about how public spaces make cities work. Amanda is talking about New York, but her theory feels relevant to what we wrote.


New Deeside Way street art encourages active travel

If you use the Deeside Way from Duthie Park regularly, you'll see a new colourful mural by KMG.

Aberdeen Cycle Forum commissioned the artwork to celebrate those who use the Deeside Way and to encourage others to get on their bike. It celebrates the Deeside Way's shared-use nature and encourages people to exercise more.

Sustrans' ArtRoots fund supported Aberdeen Cycle Forum in painting the wall below Great Southern Road, near Duthie Park. It'll be seen by many on this well-used section of the Deeside Way. Artist KMG created the design and has been painting on site this week to bring it to life.

Aberdeen Cycle Forum are a local voluntary organisation who campaign for the benefit of cyclists and active travel within the city. A major goal of the forum is to promote bicycle use as a viable and sustainable option for transport. They work with other organisations to improve cycle facilities and to raise awareness of issues affecting cyclists.

KMG has produced many street art works around the city, including two huge murals for Nuart Aberdeen. Last year she painted her much loved character Ken on the side of Union Square.

Deeside Way works best if everyone respects the needs of everyone else

Rachel Martin from Aberdeen Cycle Forum said, “Deeside Way is a much-loved, much-valued, and much-used piece of infrastructure in our city and we wanted to celebrate cycling and active travel while also encouraging tolerance and respect among all the different types of users. A shared-use space like Deeside Way works best if everyone respects the needs of everyone else.

"We hope KMG’s fabulous design will make people smile and inspire them to be physically active by whatever means works for them whether it be walking, cycling, wheeling, running, or scootering.”

An animal-themed design displays a family cycling alongside a dog walker and someone using a wheelchair. The family of cyclists are portrayed as leopards, a nod to Aberdeen’s history and coat of arms, while a gull and blackbird overhead provide another north-east reference.

So next time you're cycling or walking along the Deeside Way, be sure to look out for the colourful new addition!

TEDxAberdeen 2022 | Everything you need to know

Following a successful event last year, Aberdeen Arts Centre will host TEDxAberdeen for its second event on Saturday 12 November. It will be a day of sharing interpretations of TEDxAberdeen's theme of "movement." A wide range of topics will be discussed, including social acceptance, racism, language preservation, and resistance to change. In addition, they will look at rethinking values and societal conditioning.

TEDxAberdeen has announced that ticket applications for this year are now open. People who would like to attend are now invited to apply for tickets for the one-day event on 12 November 2022 at Aberdeen Arts Centre. The application window closes on Monday 10 October.

TEDx Aberdeen event at Aberdeen Art Centre Picture by Michal Wachucik/Abermedia

TEDxAberdeen's head, Moray Barber, said that selecting candidates to speak this year was a very challenging task. He said that it “demonstrates the northeast of Scotland is full of thought-provoking ideas and talented speakers.

“Our speakers impressed us with their unique takes on movement - moving beyond, moving minds, and moving bodies - we can’t wait to see how they refine and hone their ideas.”

TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged. Today it covers almost every topic you can imagine in more than 100 languages. The TEDx program is a self-organised series of events that offer attendees a TED-like experience at a local level.

Ten speakers have been handpicked to speak on the famous red dot in Aberdeen this year.

Dr Aileen Alexander | TEDx Aberdeen 2022 Speaker
Dr Aileen Alexander | TEDx Aberdeen 2022 Speaker

Dr Aileen Alexander

Talk Title: The Benefits of Movement

Why as a nation are we more sedentary than ever and how is this impacting our mental and physical health and wellbeing?

Aileen will delve into the benefits of exercise at an individual and a global level addressing some of the reasons why we don’t exercise as much as we should.

Eric Doyle | TEDxAberdeen 2022 Speaker
Eric Doyle | TEDxAberdeen 2022 Speaker

Eric Doyle

Talk Title: Passion will get you moving, passion with strategy and community will get you further…

Eric will share his experience of embarking on a gruelling challenge event, fuelled by the emotion of a conversation with a friend who sadly lost his life. During the event he quickly got into serious trouble and couldn’t complete the challenge. A few years later Eric, decided to do it again with a completely different approach and mindset.

Katie Forbes | TEDxAberdeen Speaker
Katie Forbes | TEDxAberdeen Speaker

Katie Forbes

Talk Title: Autism is a difference, not a disorder

Katie is an autistic marketing professional specialising in digital and social media based in Aberdeen. Katie’s talk discusses the detrimental impact of healthcare professionals and the media portraying autism as a disorder; something that needs to be fixed or cured. She will invite the audience to look beyond this terminology and see autism for what it is, simply a difference. Not bad, nor less - just different.

Fraser Hay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 Speaker
Fraser Hay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 Speaker

Fraser Hay

Talk Title: From Human Being to Human Becoming

Entrepreneur and business coach Fraser will talk about how the events of the last couple of years have caused many people to stagnate. As a result of many industries collapsing, businesses closing their doors, and many individuals being laid off, paid off, or made redundant, thousands have found themselves at a crossroads.

Fraser will share a powerful four step process with specific examples from his life when he had stagnated and was faced with considerable challenges, and the results he was able to achieve in applying the process to his next stage of growth.

Lauren Hay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Lauren Hay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Lauren Hay

Talk Title: Speak Properly: Is Doric Dying?

Cullen born quine, Lauren will share her concerns about the growing disconnection from our North-east dialect doric.

“Doric is at risk of extinction as we are shackled to scrolling on screens and have less and less conversations in ‘real life’ and this is where Doric exists – in the communities around us. It is not a language that we read nor write very often but we speak it every day. The less we speak and more we scroll the more disconnected from Doric we become.” explains Lauren.

Lyly Lepinay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Lyly Lepinay | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Lyly Lepinay

Talk Title: Beyond the Chinese Takeaway

Buckie born marketing specialist and creative writer, Lyly, will give us a taster of life beyond the Chinese takeaway.

Lyly says: “Often when we think of the Chinese community in the UK, the first thing that comes to mind is the takeaway or buffet restaurants. There’s little the average person knows about the community other than their own Chinese takeaway order. This comes as no surprise as our community is often invisible in mainstream media despite being the third biggest ethnic minority group in Scotland.”

Zoe Morrison | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Zoe Morrison | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Zoe Morrison

Talk Title: Why we say people don’t like change

Robert Gordon University Professor Zoe says: ‘I’m excited to talk about why we say that people do not like change. All too easily we use this statement as an excuse, identifying other people as the reason for lack of movement. But how valid and engaging are our ideas to initiate change?

She adds: “I'm looking forward to exploding the myths about change and explaining the potential impact if we stopped telling ourselves that people don't like change.”

Del Redvers | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Del Redvers | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Del Redvers

Talk Title: How your hypocrisy can help to save humanity

Corporate affairs director and environmental charity chair Del will challenge our thoughts about hypocrisy and how being a hypocrite is not only okay, it can enable positive change.

Del explains: “To address the biggest challenges humanity faces we must move quickly through social and behavioural transitions. In these transitions there are gaps between what we say and what we do, where our hypocrisy is evident.

“Hiding our hypocrisy as a vulnerability or a failing slows our progress. Instead, we can acknowledge and own it, using the tension it creates to draw us to a better future.”

Sarah Rochester | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Sarah Rochester | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Sarah Rochester

Talk Title: We don’t need a reason

Communications manager Sarah will share her experience of the decision to stop drinking.

Sarah says: “When I stopped drinking, I felt constantly anxious because I didn’t have a ‘reason’. I didn’t have a rock bottom moment and therefore I didn’t have an answer to the question ‘why?’. Until I realised that wanting to was enough on its own. I hope to be part of a change in the conversation around alcohol, to help people see they don’t need a reason.”

Alex Whyte | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker
Alex Whyte | TEDxAberdeen 2022 speaker

Alex Whyte

Talk Title: The Career Mother Gear

Alex’s talk centres around her experience of pursuing her career while also entering motherhood. Alex explains: “This period has been the hardest and fastest pace of life I have ever experienced. A pace I didn’t know I had in me until I was faced with the prospect of failure in one or the other.”

Completing the line-up is Martin Robertson. Martin will share his views on how to live a full life with dementia and why society should not write dementia sufferers off.

TEDxAberdeen 2022 | A diverse and eclectic group of speakers

Program Curator Derrick Thomson adds: “We have a diverse and eclectic group of speakers who will now embark on an 18-week coaching process to craft their ideas ready for the event in November.

“This is the exciting part; taking the speaker’s raw concept and working them to create an idea worth spreading. I am really looking forward to supporting the speakers as they prepare for their moment in the red dot - we’re co-creating an engaging and inspiring event for our community.”

For more information about TEDxAberdeen visit their home page.

Aberdeen Mela back in style

Aberdeen Multicultural Centre created Aberdeen Mela to celebrate and promote the diversity of culture and community. Both within Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. It's a fantastic day out for the family. A chance to connect with the many cultures the city is home to.

Alongside the festivities and cultural exchange, the Mela also aims to promote more widespread awareness of global development issues. Organisers hope this motivates and inspires people to help create a more equitable world. And that it shows them how they can get involved.

Back for the first time since 2019, Westburn Park in Aberdeen will host Aberdeen Mela from 12 noon to 7 pm. Acts ranging from Bhangra dancers and international choirs to Asian singers and traditional Scottish musicians will appear on different stages. The event will feature a variety of ethnic food stalls, crafts, clothes, information stalls, and loads of family activities.

We had a chat with Ahashan Habib the manager at Aberdeen Multicultural Centre about what they have planned for Aberdeen Mela this year.

For many visitors, this will be their first Aberdeen Mela. What can people expect when they arrive at Westburn Park on Sunday?

The Mela is the largest family fun day celebrating multiculturalism and diversity in the North East of Scotland. It’s a massive festival with over 10,000 people coming from as far as Edinburgh, Glasgow and even London to see over 100 performers on the main stage. We also have local acts that are just fantastic too!

Expect a feast for the eyes and the ears as we have food stalls sharing cuisine from around the globe, arts and crafts stalls, workshops and a funfair! You can come and stay the whole day as there’s always going to be something happening. This year we even have a Zumba class with Baila Venezuela from Edinburgh and a roaming stage whereby the acts will be performing across Westburn Park. They will be engaging with our audience and bringing a taste of Mela to them!

What acts will be on stage at Mela this year?

We have Gurusoundz coming from London who has performed at the Queen’s Garden Party and the Royal Albert Hall. This year we are having our first ever Mela Afterparty at the LemonTree. Guru Soundz aka Dj Sandyman will be spinning amazing Bollywood classics, to keep the Mela vibe going from 8-10pm. We also have RAAG Qawwali Group from London who are on a mission to bring the same Sufi Mysticism brought by the Sabri Brothers in the 20th century. They offer a very unique listening experience that is visceral. They have performed on BBC.

We also have Desi Braveheart from Glasgow, an amazing Bollywood/ fusion dance group that always gets people dancing! This year we will have Shashwati which focuses on two different dance forms. Mohiniyattam – an Indian classical dance form that developed and remained popular in the state of Kerala. And Bharatanatyam (the oldest classical dance tradition in India). Her outfit is incredible, with bells on her hands and feet, and brightly coloured make-up on the soles of her feet and hands too! She’s performed for the Scottish parliament and is definitely one to watch.

We will also have local Chinese communities and local groups like the Red Phoenix Dance Group and Yee’s Hung Ga, a martial arts group. Keep your eyes peeled for the dancing lion that will be roaming Westburn Park and get your picture taken!

For us, the highlight of Mela is the wide selection of food stalls. What will be on offer this year?

We have food from Portugal, India, classic British, ice cream, sweet stalls, candyfloss and much, much more!

I was lucky enough to be in Edinburgh for their Festival Carnival. It was a kaleidoscope of colour and sound. What benefits do you think multicultural festivals like this bring to Scottish cities?

We’re really excited to relaunch the Mela as culture can bring people together. Especially after the past two years as Covid has greatly impacted people’s mental health. So this Mela will bring a lot of joy to the community as there will be lots of different cultural activities and food. It’s just such a great family event. The festival is about celebrating our similarities and respecting our differences. Aberdeen is a real melting point of cultures and #AberdeenMela brings us all together to celebrate, dance, and eat good food. To take part in amazing workshops, learn about each other’s cultures and bring together and unite the city.

Music is a brilliant way for people to share their cultural backgrounds. How big a role does it play in Aberdeen Mela?

Music is essential for #AberdeenMela it goes beyond language and creates an atmosphere that transports you into another world. It really brings the feel-good vibes of Aberdeen Mela to Westburn Park.

It's very much a family event, isn't it? What will be on specifically for kids?

We have a funfair, ice cream, sweet stands, and workshops such as Chinese calligraphy throughout the day. People can come and learn a character that they can draw themselves and take home with them. There are Henna stalls too and the opportunity for children to drum with the Guarana drummers. They have always been a hit in previous Aberdeen Melas.

Aberdeen is a hugely multicultural city. Do you think there should be more opportunities to demonstrate this? What more could the city be doing to show its cultural diversity?

Togetherness is very important. People have very busy lives so we want to just bring them together for a big celebration and give everyone a flavour of all the different cultures. It’s very important to integrate in our multi-cultural environment and to know each other as that can bring true harmony to the city.

There should be more opportunities but we are hoping that Aberdeen Mela continues to be generously funded by our sponsors and partners such as Aberdeen city council, ACVO, Aberdeen Performing Arts, Instant Neighbour, the Elphinstone Institute, Event Scotland, Station House Media Unit, Aberdeen Lions and Aberdeen Multicultural Centre. It’s months of hard work but so worth it to see everyone smiling on the day. We hope we can continue to be the largest celebration of multiculturalism and diversity in the North East. We will also continue to support other festivals that are similarly uniting the city and bringing people together.

Brilliant, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Remind us about the date and times of this year's Aberdeen Mela.

Aberdeen Mela takes place on Sunday 21st August at Westburn Park. We kick off at noon and party all the way through until 7 pm. Entry is FREE!

Fabulous Fittie Fashion Fest brings a summer splash of colour

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen loads of colourful social media posts about the upcoming Fabulous Fittie Fashion Fest. So, intrigued, we got in touch with organiser Laura Mears-Reynolds. It's great to see new events happening in the city. We wanted to find out what she had planned, and a little about her background too.

The event is a unique festival-themed shopping experience in Fittie Community Hall. The newly renovated hall located near Pocra Quay and New Pier Road. It takes place on Saturday 20 August.

What can people expect as they arrive at Fabulous Fittie Fashion Fest?

On arrival, you will see that the Open Road team and I have gone to town decorating the beautiful, newly renovated Fittie Community Hall with festival and Ibiza vibes. You can expect bright colours, disco balls and a sequin wall supplied by Lombardi Events to compliment the stalls of our Aberdeen Creatives.

We are showcasing my own work, HATHOR, Wardrobe Foxes Vintage, Prolong and Aubin. And to top it all we have the incredible Rhiannon giving tarot readings. All this to the backdrop of classic house and disco beats from local DJ Angela Michael. We're a local creative girl gang joining forces to champion local creatives, raise awareness about ADHD, and boycott fast fashion!

What inspired you to host this carnival of couture?

I’d been trading at festivals such as The Secret Garden Party and events in Ibiza for a decade when the pandemic hit. Lockdown ruined everyone’s plans and completely halted every aspect of my industry. I plummeted into a mental health crisis. This resulted in discovering I’d been battling through life, like so many women, with undiagnosed ADHD. Post diagnosis and treatment, I felt stronger just as the world reopened.

Having been amazed by Zandra Rhodes’ exhibition at Aberdeen Art Gallery, I serendipitously bumped into her on my Fittie doorstep and felt inspired to carry on Zandra’s Aberdeen fashion mission.

Why did you choose Fittie Community Hall as your venue?

What better place than the colourful and creative village of my chance meeting with the iconic Dame Zandra Rhodes? She loved Fittie so much!

You chose to raise funds for ADHD Adult UK after your diagnosis. How have they helped you and other adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD?

Dr James Brown and Dr Alex Conner have greatly supported my late ADHD diagnosis journey. Having both been through the same, they offer information about the disability and diagnosis online:
https://www.adhdadult.uk - via their peer support group for adults with ADHD and invaluable knowledge via their podcast: The ADHD Adults Podcast; which was the inspiration for the one I created with my neighbour Dawn Farmer.

Your podcast has gathered a bit of a following of its own. Tell us all about it and where people can find it.

Dawn and I moved to the same street, at the same time, at the same age, with the same undiagnosed disability, what are the chances?! After the shocking discovery that we had both been battling through life with brain disorders, we were further horrified to discover just how common an occurrence this is! Many women go mis or undiagnosed, and if missed in childhood the average age for a woman is 36-38!

We decided to use our voices to raise awareness, break the stigma and share our personal experiences in the hope that they help others… and we’ve achieved exactly that. Daily we receive messages from listeners all over the world on our Instagram telling us we’ve helped those in desperate need seek diagnosis, treatment, help in the workplace, at university and to feel validated and less alone.

Unbelievably in just three months since launch, we’ve hit 30K downloads and #31 in Spotify’s Top 50 Podcast Chart for Society & Culture GB and #28 in Australia! We can’t believe it!

You can listen here.

Do you have plans to hold more events in the future?

I hope that visitors love mine and Open Road’s efforts to create this unique shopping experience, enabling us to put on more events in the future, so fingers crossed!

Remind us when and where Fabulous Fittie Fashion Fest takes place.

Fittie Community Hall on New Pier Road (NOT to be confused with the Mission Hall in the Squares!)  Saturday 20th August 11 am-3 pm. It’s a FREE entry event, though we would love any donations to ADHDadultUK on the day. We are unable to take cash payments, so please remember your bank card.

We have upcycled hedonistic headwear and festival accessories, vintage clothing, one-off bags handmade from trash, and jewellery made from sea glass and discarded objects found on Aberdeen Beach.

On top of that, you don’t want to miss the raffle! Each creative has donated an item and local businesses have also donated; including a £50 voucher for The Silver Darling Restaurant! It’s a seriously fabulous raffle with all proceeds donated to ADHDadultUK and The Fittie Community Development Trust.

And where can people keep in touch with you on social media?

Follow us on Instagram and join the event page on Facebook.

Fresh new plans for Lemon Tree

Aberdeen Performing Arts have announced that The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen’s iconic live venue, is set to get a striking refresh. They've moved the project on to the next stage after approving a new outline scheme. They will now also begin a fundraising campaign.

They have planned a new studio, foyer, café, meeting room, and an accessible entrance on Shoe Lane. There is also a proposal to create a new outdoor seating and performance area within an urban cottage garden. Although Lemon Tree Lounge and Lemon Tree Studio will continue to exist, the team will work to improve improve staging, sight-lines, technical facilities, and accessibility.

Radiohead, Snow Patrol, Travis, Texas, Mogwai, Public Service Broadcasting and also Emeli Sandé have performed at the iconic city venue. In addition, the Lemon Tree is an essential stop on the performing arts tour circuit.

The board unanimously adopted the proposed scheme and agreed to move to the next stage of design development. They will also submit an application for planning consent by year's end. Previously Aberdeen Performing Arts commissioned architects to undertake a study to look at options for upgrading the venue.

Discovering tomorrow's legends today

Jane Spiers Aberdeen Performing Arts Chief Executive said: “2022 is the 30th anniversary of the Lemon Tree. In that time, it has built up an enviable reputation nationally and internationally for discovering tomorrow’s legends today and supporting homegrown talent.

“The plans retain the informal, friendly, intimate, off-beat style and story that is so unique to the Lemon Tree and are focussed on creating a more accessible, integrated environment and experience for audiences, artists and employees alike.”

The plans for the Lemon Tree also align with Aberdeen City Council’s commitment to regenerate the city centre. A new culturally-integrated development at Queen Street will also hopefully bring tangible benefits to the local economy and community.

Shape the next chapters of Aberdeen's story

Culture Aberdeen, a partnership of cultural organisations in the city, have welcomed the proposals. Dr Duncan Cockburn from Culture Aberdeen was clear about the benefits of expanding the Lemon Tree. He told us, “This development has the potential to be a distinctive feature of the Aberdeen economic development story”

He also added that it was a great opportunity for arts and culture, artists and creative practitioners to help shape and drive the next chapters of Aberdeen’s story.

Richard Murphy Architects have been working on the project. They have undertaken several transformational arts and cultural projects. Past work includes the Stirling Tolbooth, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre Peebles. Furthermore, they have worked on Perth Theatre and the New National Centre for Music in Edinburgh.

Aberdeen Performing Arts chair Craig Pike told us, “The Lemon Tree has a special place in Aberdeen’s story and we are now setting the stage for a bright future which will benefit communities, business and the cultural sector in the city. Aberdeen Performing Arts has also pledged to get the fundraising campaign underway, we hope everyone will join us on the journey and get behind this exciting project for the city and nation.”

The Umbrella Project celebrating neurodiversity

Aberdeen Inspired and the ADHD Foundation have launched The Umbrella Project. A colourful summer installation with umbrella canopies in Aberdeen City Centre.

Dr Tony Lloyd of the ADHD Foundation and Adrian Watson of Aberdeen Inspired hosted a special weekend of celebrations. Organisers held a launch event on Saturday, where they welcomed sponsors, spectators, and performers. And so under the umbrellas on Shiprow and Bon-Accord Terrace, local groups like Robert Gordon College Pipe Band, Sinclair School of Highland Dancing, Citymoves, and Danscentre performed for spectators.


Multi-coloured umbrellas suspended across city centre streets celebrate the umbrella term of neurodiversity, including ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia. You can see these vibrant installations hanging across Shiprow Village and Bon-Accord Terrace in Aberdeen's city centre until September 2022.

Additionally, the project aims to raise awareness of the support that is available to individuals and families. Scotland welcomes The Umbrella Project for the first time after huge success in other UK locations.

The Umbrella Project flips the narrative

Adrian Watson told us how thrilled he was about the launch of The Umbrella Project. He said: “We are delighted that so many businesses and schools across Aberdeen City and the Shire have signed up to have mini-installations to celebrate neurodiversity”

“We are not only proud to bring such an uplifting project to the city for the first time. We're also playing such an important part in flipping the narrative of neurodiverse individuals. Instead, we recognise the strengths and abilities of those with cognitive differences.

“The displays will encourage people from all walks of life to come into the city centre, and enjoy all it has to offer. Visitors can also take part in the celebrations and embrace the joy of the multi-coloured installations.”

“We expect the Umbrellas to become one of Aberdeen’s most exciting and anticipated installations, which will not only capture the hearts and minds of people from across the city but also raise awareness of the importance of the neurodiverse world we live in where one in five people are neurodivergent.”

As part of ADHD's national campaign, the Umbrella Project also invites people across the UK to celebrate neurodiversity by thinking differently about the 1 in 5 people who are neurodivergent.

The campaign will run across hundreds of Clear Channel’s digital Out of Home screens nationwide. This will include large public outdoor Umbrella Project installations in every country. It will also bring together a slew of new celebrity patrons.

Dr Tony Lloyd of the ADHD Foundation told us that the enthusiasm behind this campaign is a testament to his visionary partners. "More and more we’re seeing society change how it views neurodiversity. Business, education and entertainment. We’re finally beginning to shift away from associating neurodiversity with ‘low ability.’”

The project will be in place until September 2022.

Aberdeen Mela back for Summer 2022

Aberdeen Mela One World Day is all set to return to the Granite City this summer. Westburn park will be ablaze with colour, celebrating the cultural diversity of the city and the North East. There'll be food, music, dance, and loads of kids' activities throughout the day. All of this comes together to bring the park to life in an all-encompassing multicultural festival.

Aberdeen Mela is being held for the first time since 2019. But as in previous years, the program will be led by wonderful and talented performers. All representing Aberdeen's amazing diverse ethnic communities.

Aberdeen Mela is all about the food!

The biggest selling point of Aberdeen Mela for the team here at POST is the food! There's such a huge variety of international cuisines on offer. And so the only problem is deciding which food stall you'll visit next!

Furthermore, the organisers at Aberdeen Multicultural Centre are always looking to expand their offerings with new and diverse catering. Along with the food stalls, you can also expect crafts, clothes, and other fun activities.

Furthermore, organisers will provide pitches to Third Sector and Public Sector Organisations. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to interact and engage with the many diverse international communities of Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Multicultural Centre

The focus of Aberdeen Multicultural Centre is to celebrate Aberdeen's ethnic diversity. Cultural sharing and performing arts are very effective avenues for doing this.

Aberdeen Mela also provides a wonderful platform and showcase for this with performers from across the region, Scotland, and throughout the UK. On each stage, the programme will be diverse and entertaining with a mix of professional artists and community performers.

What you need to know

Westburn Park is brilliant during Mela. It's a great way to sp[end a Sunday with the whole family. There really is something for everyone. You'll definitely head home at the end of the day with a full heart and a full belly. We'll see you there!


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Rise Up! celebrates black and POC creatives 

Rise Up! is a brand new event coming to Aberdeen this month. The weekend will highlight and amplify the voices of black and POC creatives from Aberdeen and throughout Scotland.

We Are Here Scotland has partnered with Aberdeen Performing Arts to curate the event. Performances, talks, workshops, and community spaces are all part of the festival, which runs from 13-14 May.

Here are some of the many exciting acts set to perform over the weekend's packed line-up.

Ica Headlam

We Are Here Scotland Director Ica Headlam told us: “We are pleased to be working in partnership with Aberdeen Performing Arts on Rise Up! We feel that it is a very important and unique opportunity to spotlight a variety of Black and PoC artists and performers from the North East of Scotland and further afield. With a variety of performances, free panels, and workshops, we hope these events bring new and diverse engagement for Aberdeen’s creative community.”

Friday 13

In Our Own Words is an evening of performance by artists of colour, exploring and celebrating themes of identity, culture and a sense of place in Scotland.

Poetry at Noon is a spoken word artist and poet who believes that art is an extremely powerful tool for personal and social transformation. In her performance poetry, she analyzes and discusses experiences of trauma, political upheaval, migration, and motherhood that she experienced while growing up in Sudan.

Aiysha is a singer-songwriter from Aberdeen. Many will remember her powerful performance at the Black Lives Matter Aberdeen protest in 2020. She also featured in a BBC documentary highlighting Aberdeen's RnB and Hip Hop scene. Aiysha is set to release her debut release as an artist later this year.


Saturday 14

Known as a songwriter and sound smith, Kapil Seshasayee is both a polymath and a true original. Combining the influences of Scott Walker, Blood Orange, Arca, and Richard Dawson into a singular sound.

Rapper Chef has made waves not only because of his music career but also due to his contribution to the community. An ingrained part of his character is his desire to amplify the voices of those around him. He joins Danny Cliff on a lineup which also includes Glasgow based rapper Clarissa Woods and DJ and visual artist DIJA.

One Mississippi takes place at the Lemon Tree at 7 pm. Described as a hard-hitting play that explores how the impact of childhood experiences shapes men’s adult lives, One Mississippi blends humour and storytelling with powerful elements of physical theatre to create an uncompromising insight into what takes us to breaking point.

Danielle Jam

Focusing on Black and POC voices

The weekend will also feature a number of discussions focusing on the issue that black and POC creatives face in our white-dominated creative industries. A series of free talks and workshops taking place at the Music Hall Big Sky Studio on Saturday 14 May cover topics including representation within Scottish creative industries, climate narratives, knowing your worth, and culture and identity as an artistic influence among others.

Ica Headlam and Briana Pegado from We Are Here Scotland will host a talk about how Black and POC need to take the initiative to support their communities by building support structures and community organisations. While Tomiwa Folorunso will host a talk about how there needs to be a change in a predominantly white-dominated industry.

Rachel Thibbotumunuwe, learning manager at Aberdeen Archives, Art Gallery and Museums will discuss how North East Scotland can support Black and POC creatives and artists. There will also be a panel exploring the importance of representation in the industry, hosted by podcast producer Halina Rifai

And much more besides

This is just a small taste of what is on offer at Rise Up! See the Aberdeen Performing Art website for details on all the speakers and performers. Tickets are also available from APA.

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Aberdeen Performing Arts head Ben Torrie said: “Providing a stage for emerging talent and creating space for all voices to be heard is so important for a thriving artistic environment. Rise Up! is a hugely significant addition to Aberdeen’s cultural calendar this year. The sheer breadth of talent from the artists taking part is incredible. This festival is a fantastic opportunity to discover more about the diverse range of creatives here in the North East and beyond.