Aberdeen street-art fans are in for a treat as the vibrant and thought-provoking Stencibility exhibition heads to The Print Room. This exciting showcase features talented Estonian street artists from the renowned Stencibility street art festival in Tartu. The city has been named the European Capital of Culture for 2024. This exhibition promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of creativity and social commentary.

Titled Hello Mister Police Officer, the exhibition takes a humorous approach to explore the experiences of street artists who work illegally on the streets. Including their inevitable encounters with law enforcement. Through their artwork, the four participating artists—KAIRO, Stina Leek, GUTFACE, and Edward von Lõngus—shed light on the motivations, agendas, and challenges that street artists face in Tartu and beyond.

Public spaces should be accessible to everyone

From June 7 to 17 you can visit The Print Room at 252 Union Street to immerse yourself in this special exhibition. The collaboration between Nuart Aberdeen and Peacock and The Worm brings this unique art experience to the heart of Aberdeen.

The Stencibility Festival, known for its celebration of street art, advocates for the idea that public spaces should be accessible to everyone. Rather than viewing street art as a nuisance, it promotes the notion that these artistic interventions can enhance and enliven public spaces. Organisers hope to inspire conversations about the role of street art in urban environments. And furthermore, encourage a deeper appreciation for the art form.

Stina Leek | All images supplied by Stencibility

Transform the city’s walls

In addition to the exhibition, the Estonian artists will create one-of-a-kind art pieces on the surrounding streets during their 11-day visit. This exciting initiative will further enliven the cityscape, providing a dynamic and interactive experience for locals and visitors alike.

The Stencibility exhibition adds to the momentum of the highly anticipated Nuart Aberdeen festival. Running from June 8 to 11, Nuart Aberdeen brings together world-class artists to transform the city’s walls into captivating works of art. The inclusion of the Stencibility exhibition adds another layer of artistic expression to this exciting event. It creates a comprehensive celebration of street art in all its forms.

Gutface | All images supplied by Stencibility

Inspiring model for Aberdeen’s aspirations as a cultural city

According to David McCracken, the arts business manager of Peacock and the Worm, Stencibility’s visit and Tartu’s designation as the European Capital of Culture have the potential to serve as an inspiring model for Aberdeen’s aspirations as a cultural city. Festivals like Nuart Aberdeen play a significant role in driving these ambitions forward.

“Aberdeen as a city is aspirational and it has everything in place. Fundamentally it’s about civic pride at the heart of it. With a collective effort and love Aberdeen could, if wanted, revisit the possibility of being a city of culture.”

Hello Mister Police Officer at The Print Room promises to be a visually stimulating and thought-provoking experience. It will invite visitors to delve into the world of street art and contemplate its significance within our urban landscapes. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with the creative spirit of Tartu, the street art capital of Estonia, right here in Aberdeen.

Gutface | All images supplied by Stencibility

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