Discover the vibrant voices of our diverse community at the View of Aberdeen exhibition, set to open its doors at Aberdeen Art Gallery tomorrow. This thrilling new exhibition contains contributions from many people in the city. It’s a celebration of the myriad perspectives and experiences that shape the city, offering a platform to amplify the unique stories of its people.

View of Aberdeen embarks on a captivating journey through the collective narratives that form the rich tapestry of our city. Through a carefully curated selection of artworks, artefacts, and interactive displays, the exhibition brings to life the voices and visions of our residents. It illuminates their connections to Aberdeen in profound and inspiring ways.

Street-sweepers (Skaffies) Outside St Nicholas House | Aberdeen Art Gallery

View of Aberdeen – All walks of life

The team at Aberdeen Art Gallery has had conversations with people from all walks of life across the city. They have captured their thoughts and reflections on what Aberdeen means to them. The exhibition brings these viewpoints to life through a collection of inspiring artworks and objects that have resonated with the community. Each piece illuminates the exhibition’s core themes: ‘far I bide’ (where I live), ‘chavvin awa’ (working), going ‘oot n aboot’ (out and about), and the city’s well-known treasures, ‘weel kent’.

A special event takes place on 10 June. Aberdeen Art Gallery is also hosting a special event that explores the intriguing journey of artefacts into museums. This event delves into how and why certain items find their place in museum collections. Join Madeline Nehring and Ross MacLennan as they provide insights into the development of the new View of Aberdeen gallery. This event aims to continue the engaging conversations that started at the memorable ‘That Belongs in a Museum!’ event last autumn.

The cultural tapestry of Aberdeen

Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of those who call Aberdeen home. From long-time residents to newcomers, students to professionals, and from all walks of life. Their perspectives weave together to paint a vibrant portrait of our city’s identity. It’s great to see the gallery celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of Aberdeen. It explores the profound meaning behind our shared heritage.

Whether you’re a native Aberdonian, a resident, a student, or simply visiting, this exhibition offers a unique opportunity to delve into the essence of the Granite City. It’s a great chance to experience its resilience and allure.

The View of Aberdeen exhibition opens at Aberdeen Art Gallery on Saturday 27 May. You can read more about the View of Aberdeen Project here. Cover Image by James Furneaux.

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