A new creative hub has emerged in Aberdeen, thanks to the vision of Mark Kemp, owner of the design agency FortyTwo Studio. His goal is to foster and retain young creative talent in the northeast of Scotland, and he has transformed the space at 35 Mid-Stocket Road into a vibrant co-working hub for the creative industries.

The hub includes two refurbished self-contained spaces designed to accommodate like-minded businesses. In addition, the building features a photography studio available for hire. It also serves as a creative base for aspiring young professionals entering the industry.

Image supplied by FortyTwo Studio

An opportunity to lay foundations

Kemp sees this venture, named 35, as a solid commitment to advancing the city’s creative impact. The hub offers established practitioners, start-ups, and students a nurturing environment to grow their businesses and careers.

The expansion of FortyTwo Studio and the acquisition of new clients prompted the move to a larger space. However, Kemp also recognised an opportunity to lay the foundations for a more collaborative creative community in the region.

Support the next generation

Mark is keen to share the benefits of this new space, saying, “We aim to support the next generation of talent by deepening our collaboration with universities and colleges. We want to show there is real scope to carve a career in the commercial creative sector in the northeast.

“By creating this collaborative hub, we can offer students real-life industry experience through projects and opportunities that build their individual areas of expertise.”

Image supplied by FortyTwo Studio

Nurture creative talent

His motivations extend beyond altruism. As the owner of FortyTwo Studio, he is keen to nurture and develop young creative talent in the region. The co-working hub provides an ideal platform to contribute to this objective.

Kemp purchased the former church hall at the end of 2019. However, due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, he put the project on hold. But after an internal refurbishment, the team at FortyTwo Studio relocated from their Crown Street studio to their new home earlier this year.

Fine examples of brutalist architecture

First built in 1965, Beechgrove Church Hall was designed by the renowned Mackie Ramsay Taylor Architects, who also created Trinity Hall and the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen building on Holburn Street. Both structures are considered fine examples of Brutalist architecture in Aberdeen.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Mark Kemp established FortyTwo Studio at the end of 2015 with a commitment to providing strategic brand and digital work. The agency, which employs 11 talented individuals, specialises in brand development and strategy, boasting an impressive portfolio of high-profile clients across Scotland.

Image supplied by FortyTwo Studio

Space for collaboration

In addition to his work at FortyTwo Studio, Mark Kemp is co-founder of Conscious Leaders Scotland, a community of socially conscious business owners and thought leaders.

This new creative hub at 35 Mid-Stocket Road represents an exciting chapter in the creative landscape of Aberdeen. It offers space for collaboration, innovation, and talent to thrive.

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