Aberdeen Lynx won the SNL League Championship in the last ten seconds of their match with Edinburgh Capitals. In the end, a cheeky Ben Edmonds flick into the corner of the net was all it took to separate the sides and award the league title to the Cats.

It was too close to call going into the game. The Lynx had lost their previous two matches, setting up a tense, winner-take-all match with their Edinburgh rivals last night. This game was also close, with very little separating the teams. The Edinburgh Capitals were just as deserving of their spot fighting for the league.

A great advert for the league

It’s also a great advert for the league. Going into this game, only 9 points separated the Lynx at the top and the Dundee Tigers, third from bottom. A fiercely competitive Scottish National League that almost every team could win.

Gary Kelly and James Demeo’s goals had kept things level with the Capitals, but in the last ten seconds of the match, Ben Edmonds scored the goal that won them the league title. The crowd erupted into a frenzy of cheers and applause, and the players threw their helmets off, hugged and high-fived on the ice. The Capitals’ players could only look on, heartbroken.

For the players, it was a moment they would never forget. They had worked so hard for this, trained so long and hard, and now they had achieved their goal. The league title was theirs, and they had earned it through skill and sheer bloody-mindedness.

Lynx celebrate into the night

The celebrations continued into the night, with the players and fans basking in their hard-earned victory’s glory. Jack Hutton, injured earlier in the game, had been taken to A&E. The team delivered the League Trophy to him as he waited, so he could enjoy the celebrations too.

So this week, the League Champions will start training for the playoff championship and their Scottish Cup match with Paisley Pirates. This will all take place in one spectacular weekend celebration of Ice Hockey at Murrayfield Ice Arena in April.

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