POST Aberdeen's 2021: Our Year in Review!

By Kevin Mitchell

2021 was quite a year and the good news is that this is not an article about that 2021. This is about POST Aberdeen’s 2021, our community, content, interests and gives a sign of where we can all go in 2022!

2021 was the year we continued to grow as a community, the year we launched a lot of new ideas, new stories and even our new website! We’ve continued to grow our online communities across social media, our new email newsletter and continue to be part of the biggest community in Aberdeen thanks to nearly 18k of you on Twitter!

So let’s take a look at our Year in Review!

New & Noteworthy

We launched our website!

After building our communities across social media, it was time for the next stage in POST's journey - a new website! This website expands our entire communities ability to share content and stories as we build to become a content hub of our city directly from it's community.

The Lounge - Post Aberdeen

The Lounge

The Lounge compiles some of the very best local music into a regularly regularly playlist available directly to you on Spotify and Apple Music!

Aiitee • KAVARI • Iona Fyfe • Oh! Paulo • Sandi Thom • Cherry Bleach • James iD • Calum Bowie • The Capollos • Rachel Jack • Shanghai-La • The Temple Sons • Eskimo Blonde • Rachel Lyon • Scott Ramsay • and more … •
The Lounge

Our ‘Temp Check’ Stories

Our incredible ‘Temp Check’ series; interviews from people around Aberdeen, sharing interests, passions and their journey through the past year.

Lauren Mitchell in her Northsound Radio studio

Temp Check – Lauren Mitchell from Northsound Radio

We chat with Northsound 1 presenter Lauren Mitchell about her love of radio, how she got started and staying positive even in a global crisis.

Temp Check: Mark McAulay from Singularity Sauce Co.

Singularity Sauce Co.'s Mark McAuley talks to us about his Aberdeenshire based craft hot sauce company, and launching in a pandemic.

Temp Check – Louise Grant from Aberdeen Brewery Fierce Beer

Fierce Beer’s Louise Grant talks to us about building a brewery, running a business through the covid emergency and bouncing back with the help of community.

Your Aberdeen – Email Newsletter

There’s so much happening on the surface and deep within our communities in your city of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire; so much that we now put together a monthly newsletter of all the highlights we have caught.

No spam, just a collection of stories and images from the heart of Aberdeen delivered to you each month.

Newsletter Signup

BAS9 Ambassadors

We were proud to be Ambassadors of the British Art Show (BAS9) on display in Aberdeens Art Gallery. The British Art Show is a landmark touring exhibition that celebrates the vitality of recent art made in Britain and having this prestigious exhibition in Aberdeen was truly incredible.

What legacy will BAS9 Leave ... ?

Job Vacancies on Facebook

With recent changes to Facebook Jobs in the UK and the need to share opportunities within the community, we launched Job Vacancies on Facebook! This job focussed Page enables organisations to share a job posting FOR FREE!

Simply message Job Vacancies with your job details, any image, links to apply, etc. and we will get it listed and shared!

POST Aberdeen: Job Vacancies on Facebook


Aberdeen’s biggest online community and the beginning of POST Aberdeen, our Twitter account has continued to grow through 2021 as has our communities engagement!




Tweet ♥ year-on-year


Our Facebook community is still young, but we’ve seen great reach and engagement in 2021 with plans to increase community content through 2022.


New Followers


Comments year-on-year


Our Instagram primarily shares the beauty of Aberdeen City and Shire through photographs and videos from you, our community. There’s no better place to enjoy the visual inspiration of Aberdeen!


New Followers

What Next?

Everything you have come to expect will continue in 2022! In addition, we are already working on two new series of content which we aim to bring in the coming weeks around food and drink in the city and activities. If you are in the food and drink industry, please reach out to us on social media!

This year we are also going to launch something we are extremely excited about; something for content creators and publishers that we feel can be a force of good for all – The POST Network. Keep an eye out for more on this soon or sign up to our email newsletter to know first!

We are also always looking to hear from you within our communities. If you have a story to share, please reach out!

We can’t thank you all enough for being part of our journey through 2021! We created POST to shine a light on our city and the people within it, and with your support over the past year, we have certainly achieved that!

Before we sign off, we’d just like to thank the following people and organisations who have helped us stay sane and achieve some special moments. You are awesome!

Angela Joss / Gary Kemp (Doric Skateboards) / Ica Headlam (Big Up The Deen) / Mark Stirton / Louise Grant (Fierce Beer) / Grant Martin / Lauren Mitchell (Northsound 1) / Mark McAulay (Singularity Sauce Co) / Chris Henderson / Ian Watt (Code The City) / Louis Seivwright / Chef / Vagrant Real Estate / Jim Ewan (Anatomy Rooms) / Kirsty Lawie and Naomi Christie (Leopard Arts) / Rachel Campbell (Aberdeen Performing Arts) / Moray Barber and Jill Simpson (TEDx Aberdeen) / Lesley Anne Rose (Open Road) / Charlotte Little / Neil Fachie MBE / Susan Strachan / Colin Farquhar (Belmont Cinema) / Rachel Jack / Stuart McPhee (Siberia Bar & Hotel) / Mary Louise Butterworth and Jon Reid (Kekun Studio) / Reema Shoaib / Look Again / Aberdeen Performing Arts / Aberdeen Lynx Ice Hockey Club / Aberdeen Art Gallery / Nuart Aberdeen / Aberdeen City Council / Aberdeen Inspired / our Instagram community and contributors / Brulafu, Jamsie and Matt / our patient families / … and you!

Here’s to 2022!!!

Kevin and Chris.

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